How to Contribute

Participate in UX Research

It is important that we hear from pip users so that we can:

  • Understand how pip is currently used by the Python community

  • Understand how pip users need pip to behave

  • Understand how pip users would like pip to behave

  • Understand pip’s strengths and shortcomings

  • Make useful design recommendations for improving pip

If you are interested in participating in pip user research, please join pip’s user panel.

Test New Features

You can help the team by testing new features as they are released to the community.

Report and Work on UX Issues

If you believe that you have found a user experience bug in pip, or you have ideas for how pip could be made better for all users, please file an issue on the pip issue tracker.

You can also help improve pip’s user experience by working on UX issues. Issues that are ideal for new contributors are marked with “good first issue”. Explore the UX Guidance if you have questions.