pip cache


python -m pip cache dir
python -m pip cache info
python -m pip cache list [<pattern>] [--format=[human, abspath]]
python -m pip cache remove <pattern>
python -m pip cache purge
py -m pip cache dir
py -m pip cache info
py -m pip cache list [<pattern>] [--format=[human, abspath]]
py -m pip cache remove <pattern>
py -m pip cache purge


Inspect and manage pip’s wheel cache.


  • dir: Show the cache directory.

  • info: Show information about the cache.

  • list: List filenames of packages stored in the cache.

  • remove: Remove one or more package from the cache.

  • purge: Remove all items from the cache.

<pattern> can be a glob expression or a package name.


--format <list_format>

Select the output format among: human (default) or abspath

(environment variable: PIP_FORMAT)