Major and minor releases of pip also include changes listed within prior beta releases.

Not yet released (2024-05-28)


  • Remove vendored colorama. (#12702)

Bug Fixes

  • Eagerly import the self version check logic to avoid crashes while upgrading or downgrading pip at the same time. (#12675)

Vendored Libraries

  • Remove vendored charset_normalizer.

    Requests provides optional character detection support on some APIs when processing ambiguous bytes. This isn’t relevant for pip to function and we’re able to remove it due to recent upstream changes.

  • Upgrade Requests to 2.32.0

  • Remove vendored six.

  • Remove vendored webencodings.

24.1b1 (2024-05-06)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop support for EOL Python 3.7. (#11934)

  • Remove support for legacy versions and dependency specifiers.

    Packages with non standard-compliant versions or dependency specifiers are now ignored by the resolver. Already installed packages with non standard-compliant versions or dependency specifiers must be uninstalled before upgrading them. (#12063)


  • Improve performance of resolution of large dependency trees, with more caching. (#12453)

  • Further improve resolution performance of large dependency trees, by caching hash calculations. (#12657)

  • Reduce startup time of commands (e.g. show, freeze) that do not access the network by 15-30%. (#4768)

  • Reword and improve presentation of uninstallation errors. (#10421)

  • Add a ‘raw’ progress_bar type for simple and parsable download progress reports (#11508)

  • pip list no longer performs the pip version check unless --outdated or --uptodate is given. (#11677)

  • Use the data_filter when extracting tarballs, if it’s available. (#12111)

  • Display the Project-URL value under key “Home-page” in pip show when the Home-Page metadata field is not set.

    The Project-URL key detection is case-insensitive, and ignores any dashes and underscores. (#11221)

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure -vv gets passed to any pip install build environment subprocesses. (#12577)

  • Deduplicate entries in the Requires field of pip show. (#12165)

  • Fix error on checkout for subversion and bazaar with verbose mode on. (#11050)

  • Fix exception with completions when COMP_CWORD is not set (#12401)

  • Fix intermittent “cannot locate t64.exe” errors when upgrading pip. (#12666)

  • Remove duplication in invalid wheel error message (#12579)

  • Remove the incorrect pip3.x console entrypoint from the pip wheel. This console script continues to be generated by pip when it installs itself. (#12536)

  • Gracefully skip VCS detection in pip freeze when PATH points to a non-directory path. (#12567)

  • Make the --proxy parameter take precedence over environment variables. (#10685)

Vendored Libraries

  • Add charset-normalizer 3.3.2

  • Remove chardet

  • Remove pyparsing

  • Upgrade CacheControl to 0.14.0

  • Upgrade certifi to 2024.2.2

  • Upgrade distro to 1.9.0

  • Upgrade idna to 3.7

  • Upgrade msgpack to 1.0.8

  • Upgrade packaging to 24.0

  • Upgrade platformdirs to 4.2.1

  • Upgrade pygments to 2.17.2

  • Upgrade rich to 13.7.1

  • Upgrade setuptools to 69.5.1

  • Upgrade tenacity to 8.2.3

  • Upgrade typing_extensions to 4.11.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.18

Improved Documentation

  • Document UX research done on pip. (#10745)

  • Fix the direct usage of zipapp showing up as python -m pip.pyz rather than ./pip.pyz / .\pip.pyz (#12043)

  • Add a warning explaining that the snippet in “Fallback behavior” is not a valid pyproject.toml snippet for projects, and link to setuptools documentation instead. (#12122)

  • The Python Support Policy has been updated. (#12529)

  • Document the environment variables that correspond with CLI options. (#12576)

  • Update architecture documentation for command line interface. (#6831)


  • Remove since all the pip project metadata is now declared in pyproject.toml.

  • Move remaining pip development tools configurations to pyproject.toml.

24.0 (2024-02-03)


  • Retry on HTTP status code 502 (#11843)

  • Automatically use the setuptools PEP 517 build backend when --config-settings is used for projects without pyproject.toml. (#11915)

  • Make pip freeze and pip uninstall of legacy editable installs of packages whose name contains _ compatible with setuptools>=69.0.3. (#12477)

  • Support per requirement --config-settings for editable installs. (#12480)

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized usage of --find-links=<path-to-dir>, by only scanning the relevant directory once, only considering file names that are valid wheel or sdist names, and only considering files in the directory that are related to the install. (#12327)

  • Removed wheel from the [build-system].requires list fallback that is used when pyproject.toml is absent. (#12449)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.3.8

Improved Documentation

  • Fix explanation of how PIP_CONFIG_FILE works (#11815)

  • Fix outdated pip install argument description in documentation. (#12417)

  • Replace some links to PEPs with links to the canonical specifications on the Python Packaging User Guide (#12434)

  • Updated the pyproject.toml document to stop suggesting to depend on wheel as a build dependency directly. (#12449)

  • Update supported interpreters in development docs (#12475)


  • Most project metadata is now defined statically via pip’s pyproject.toml file.

23.3.2 (2023-12-17)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug in extras handling for link requirements (#12372)

  • Fix mercurial revision “parse error”: use --rev={ref} instead of -r={ref} (#12373)

23.3.1 (2023-10-21)

Bug Fixes

  • Handle a timezone indicator of Z when parsing dates in the self check. (#12338)

  • Fix bug where installing the same package at the same time with multiple pip processes could fail. (#12361)

23.3 (2023-10-15)


Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop a fallback to using SecureTransport on macOS. It was useful when pip detected OpenSSL older than 1.0.1, but the current pip does not support any Python version supporting such old OpenSSL versions. (#12175)


  • Improve extras resolution for multiple constraints on same base package. (#11924)

  • Improve use of datastructures to make candidate selection 1.6x faster. (#12204)

  • Allow pip install --dry-run to use platform and ABI overriding options. (#12215)

  • Add is_yanked boolean entry to the installation report (--report) to indicate whether the requirement was yanked from the index, but was still selected by pip conform to PEP 592. (#12224)

Bug Fixes

  • Ignore errors in temporary directory cleanup (show a warning instead). (#11394)

  • Normalize extras according to PEP 685 from package metadata in the resolver for comparison. This ensures extras are correctly compared and merged as long as the package providing the extra(s) is built with values normalized according to the standard. Note, however, that this does not solve cases where the package itself contains unnormalized extra values in the metadata. (#11649)

  • Prevent downloading sdists twice when PEP 658 metadata is present. (#11847)

  • Include all requested extras in the install report (--report). (#11924)

  • Removed uses of datetime.datetime.utcnow from non-vendored code. (#12005)

  • Consistently report whether a dependency comes from an extra. (#12095)

  • Fix completion script for zsh (#12166)

  • Fix improper handling of the new onexc argument of shutil.rmtree() in Python 3.12. (#12187)

  • Filter out yanked links from the available versions error message: “(from versions: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0)” will not contain yanked versions conform PEP 592. The yanked versions (if any) will be mentioned in a separate error message. (#12225)

  • Fix crash when the git version number contains something else than digits and dots. (#12280)

  • Use -r=... instead of -r ... to specify references with Mercurial. (#12306)

  • Redact password from URLs in some additional places. (#12350)

  • pip uses less memory when caching large packages. As a result, there is a new on-disk cache format stored in a new directory ($PIP_CACHE_DIR/http-v2). (#2984)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2023.7.22

  • Add truststore 0.8.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.17

Improved Documentation

  • Document that pip search support has been removed from PyPI (#12059)

  • Clarify --prefer-binary in CLI and docs (#12122)

  • Document that using OS-provided Python can cause pip’s test suite to report false failures. (#12334)

23.2.1 (2023-07-22)

Bug Fixes

  • Disable PEP 658 metadata fetching with the legacy resolver. (#12156)

23.2 (2023-07-15)


  • Deprecate support for eggs for Python 3.11 or later, when the new importlib.metadata backend is used to load distribution metadata. This only affects the egg distribution format (with the .egg extension); distributions using the .egg-info metadata format (but are not actually eggs) are not affected. For more information about eggs, see relevant section in the setuptools documentation.

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate legacy version and version specifiers that don’t conform to the specification. (#12063)

  • freeze no longer excludes the setuptools, distribute, and wheel from the output when running on Python 3.12 or later, where they are not included in a virtual environment by default. Use --exclude if you wish to exclude any of these packages. (#4256)


  • make rejection messages slightly different between 1 and 8, so the user can make the difference. (#12040)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pip completion --zsh. (#11417)

  • Prevent downloading files twice when PEP 658 metadata is present (#11847)

  • Add permission check before configuration (#11920)

  • Fix deprecation warnings in Python 3.12 for usage of shutil.rmtree (#11957)

  • Ignore invalid or unreadable origin.json files in the cache of locally built wheels. (#11985)

  • Fix installation of packages with PEP 658 metadata using non-canonicalized names (#12038)

  • Correctly parse dist-info-metadata values from JSON-format index data. (#12042)

  • Fail with an error if the --python option is specified after the subcommand name. (#12067)

  • Fix slowness when using importlib.metadata (the default way for pip to read metadata in Python 3.11+) and there is a large overlap between already installed and to-be-installed packages. (#12079)

  • Pass the -r flag to mercurial to be explicit that a revision is passed and protect against hg options injection as part of VCS URLs. Users that do not have control on VCS URLs passed to pip are advised to upgrade. (#12119)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2023.5.7

  • Upgrade platformdirs to 3.8.1

  • Upgrade pygments to 2.15.1

  • Upgrade pyparsing to 3.1.0

  • Upgrade Requests to 2.31.0

  • Upgrade rich to 13.4.2

  • Upgrade setuptools to 68.0.0

  • Updated typing_extensions to 4.6.0

  • Upgrade typing_extensions to 4.7.1

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.16

23.1.2 (2023-04-26)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade setuptools to 67.7.2

23.1.1 (2023-04-22)

Bug Fixes

  • Revert #11487, as it causes issues with virtualenvs created by the Windows Store distribution of Python. (#11987)

Vendored Libraries

  • Revert pkg_resources (via setuptools) back to 65.6.3

Improved Documentation

  • Update documentation to reflect the new behavior of using the cache of locally built wheels in hash-checking mode. (#11967)

23.1 (2023-04-15)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove support for the deprecated --install-options. (#11358)

  • --no-binary does not imply install anymore. Instead a wheel will be built locally and installed. (#11451)

  • --no-binary does not disable the cache of locally built wheels anymore. It only means “don’t download wheels”. (#11453)

  • Deprecate --build-option and --global-option. Users are invited to switch to --config-settings. (#11859)

  • Using --config-settings with projects that don’t have a pyproject.toml now prints a deprecation warning. In the future the presence of config settings will automatically enable the default build backend for legacy projects and pass the settings to it. (#11915)

  • Remove install fallback when building a wheel failed for projects without pyproject.toml. (#8368)

  • When the wheel package is not installed, pip now uses the default build backend instead of install and develop for project without pyproject.toml. (#8559)


  • Specify egg-link location in assertion message when it does not match installed location to provide better error message for debugging. (#10476)

  • Present conflict information during installation after each choice that is rejected (pass -vv to pip install to show it) (#10937)

  • Display dependency chain on each Collecting/Processing log line. (#11169)

  • Support a per-requirement --config-settings option in requirements files. (#11325)

  • The --config-settings/-C option now supports using the same key multiple times. When the same key is specified multiple times, all values are passed to the build backend as a list, as opposed to the previous behavior, where pip would only pass the last value if the same key was used multiple times. (#11681)

  • Add -C as a short version of the --config-settings option. (#11786)

  • Reduce the number of resolver rounds, since backjumping makes the resolver more efficient in finding solutions. This also makes pathological cases fail quicker. (#11908)

  • Warn if --hash is used on a line without requirement in a requirements file. (#11935)

  • Stop propagating CLI --config-settings to the build dependencies. They already did not propagate to requirements provided in requirement files. To pass the same config settings to several requirements, users should provide the requirements as CLI arguments. (#11941)

  • Support wheel cache when using --require-hashes. (#5037)

  • Add --keyring-provider flag. See the Authentication page in the documentation for more info. (#8719)

  • In the case of virtual environments, configuration files are now also included from the base installation. (#9752)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix grammar by changing “A new release of pip available:” to “A new release of pip is available:” in the notice used for indicating that. (#11529)

  • Normalize paths before checking if installed scripts are on PATH. (#11719)

  • Correct the way to decide if keyring is available. (#11774)

  • More consistent resolution backtracking by removing legacy hack related to setuptools resolution (#11837)

  • Include AUTHORS.txt in pip’s wheels. (#11882)

  • The uninstall and install --force-reinstall commands no longer call normalize_path() repeatedly on the same paths. Instead, these results are cached for the duration of an uninstall operation, resulting in improved performance, particularly on Windows. (#11889)

  • Fix and improve the parsing of hashes embedded in URL fragments. (#11936)

  • When package A depends on package B provided as a direct URL dependency including a hash embedded in the link, the --require-hashes option did not warn when user supplied hashes were missing for package B. (#11938)

  • Correctly report requested_extras in the installation report when extras are specified for a local directory installation. (#11946)

  • When installing an archive from a direct URL or local file, populate in the installation report, in addition to the legacy key. (#11948)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade msgpack to 1.0.5

  • Patch pkg_resources to remove dependency on jaraco.text.

  • Upgrade platformdirs to 3.2.0

  • Upgrade pygments to 2.14.0

  • Upgrade resolvelib to 1.0.1

  • Upgrade rich to 13.3.3

  • Upgrade setuptools to 67.6.1

  • Upgrade tenacity to 8.2.2

  • Upgrade typing_extensions to 4.5.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.15

Improved Documentation

  • Cross-reference the --python flag from the --prefix flag, and mention limitations of --prefix regarding script installation. (#11775)

  • Add to make the policy official. (#11809)

  • Add username to Git over SSH example. (#11838)

  • Quote extras in the pip install docs to guard shells with default glob qualifiers, like zsh. (#11842)

  • Make it clear that requirements/constraints file can be a URL (#11954)

23.0.1 (2023-02-17)


  • Ignore PIP_REQUIRE_VIRTUALENV for pip index (#11671)

  • Implement --break-system-packages to permit installing packages into EXTERNALLY-MANAGED Python installations. (#11780)

Bug Fixes

  • Improve handling of isolated build environments on platforms that customize the Python’s installation schemes, such as Debian and Homebrew. (#11740)

  • Do not crash in presence of misformatted hash field in direct_url.json. (#11773)

23.0 (2023-01-30)


  • Change the hashes in the installation report to be a mapping. Emit the archive_info.hashes dictionary in direct_url.json. (#11312)

  • Implement logic to read the EXTERNALLY-MANAGED file as specified in PEP 668. This allows a downstream Python distributor to prevent users from using pip to modify the externally managed environment. (#11381)

  • Enable the use of keyring found on PATH. This allows keyring installed using pipx to be used by pip. (#11589)

  • The inspect and installation report formats are now declared stable, and their version has been bumped from 0 to 1. (#11757)

Bug Fixes

  • Wheel cache behavior is restored to match previous versions, allowing the cache to find existing entries. (#11527)

  • Use the “venv” scheme if available to obtain prefixed lib paths. (#11598)

  • Deprecated a historical ambiguity in how egg fragments in URL-style requirements are formatted and handled. egg fragments that do not look like PEP 508 names now produce a deprecation warning. (#11617)

  • Fix scripts path in isolated build environment on Debian. (#11623)

  • Make pip show show the editable location if package is editable (#11638)

  • Stop checking that wheel is present when build-system.requires is provided without as setuptools (which we still check for) will inject it anyway. (#11673)

  • Fix an issue when an already existing in-memory distribution would cause exceptions in pip install (#11704)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2022.12.7

  • Upgrade chardet to 5.1.0

  • Upgrade colorama to 0.4.6

  • Upgrade distro to 1.8.0

  • Remove pep517 from vendored packages

  • Upgrade platformdirs to 2.6.2

  • Add pyproject-hooks 1.0.0

  • Upgrade requests to 2.28.2

  • Upgrade rich to 12.6.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.14

Improved Documentation

  • Fixed the description of the option “--install-options” in the documentation (#10265)

  • Remove mention that editable installs are necessary for pip freeze to report the VCS URL. (#11675)

  • Clarify that the egg URL fragment is only necessary for editable VCS installs, and otherwise not necessary anymore. (#11676)

22.3.1 (2022-11-05)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix entry point generation of pip.X, pipX.Y, and easy_install-X.Y to correctly account for multi-digit Python version segments (e.g. the “11” part of 3.11). (#11547)

22.3 (2022-10-15)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate --install-options which forces pip to use the deprecated install command of setuptools. (#11358)

  • Deprecate installation with ‘ install’ when no-binary is enabled for source distributions without ‘pyproject.toml’. (#11452)

  • Deprecate `--no-binary disabling the wheel cache. (#11454)

  • Remove --use-feature=2020-resolver opt-in flag. This was supposed to be removed in 21.0, but missed during that release cycle. (#11493)

  • Deprecate installation with ‘ install’ when the ‘wheel’ package is absent for source distributions without ‘pyproject.toml’. (#8559)

  • Remove the ability to use pip list --outdated in combination with --format=freeze. (#9789)


  • Use shell=True for opening the editor with pip config edit. (#10716)

  • Use the data-dist-info-metadata attribute from PEP 658 to resolve distribution metadata without downloading the dist yet. (#11111)

  • Add an option to run the test suite with pip built as a zipapp. (#11250)

  • Add a --python option to allow pip to manage Python environments other than the one pip is installed in. (#11320)

  • Document the new (experimental) zipapp distribution of pip. (#11459)

  • Use the much faster ‘bzr co --lightweight’ to obtain a copy of a Bazaar tree. (#5444)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix --no-index when --index-url or --extra-index-url is specified inside a requirements file. (#11276)

  • Ensure that the candidate pip executable exists, when checking for a new version of pip. (#11309)

  • Ignore distributions with invalid Name in metadata instead of crashing, when using the importlib.metadata backend. (#11352)

  • Raise RequirementsFileParseError when parsing malformed requirements options that can’t be successfully parsed by shlex. (#11491)

  • Fix build environment isolation on some system Pythons. (#6264)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2022.9.24

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.3.6

  • Upgrade idna to 3.4

  • Upgrade pep517 to 0.13.0

  • Upgrade pygments to 2.13.0

  • Upgrade tenacity to 8.1.0

  • Upgrade typing_extensions to 4.4.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.12

Improved Documentation

  • Mention that --quiet must be used when writing the installation report to stdout. (#11357)

22.2.2 (2022-08-03)

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid AttributeError when removing the setuptools-provided _distutils_hack and it is missing its implementation. (#11314)

  • Fix import error when reinstalling pip in user site. (#11319)

  • Show pip deprecation warnings by default. (#11330)

22.2.1 (2022-07-27)

Bug Fixes

  • Send the pip upgrade prompt to stderr. (#11282)

  • Ensure that things work correctly in environments where setuptools-injected distutils is available by default. This is done by cooperating with setuptools’ injection logic to ensure that pip uses the distutils from the Python standard library instead. (#11298)

  • Clarify that pip cache’s wheels-related output is about locally built wheels only. (#11300)

22.2 (2022-07-21)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove the html5lib deprecated feature flag. (#10825)

  • Remove --use-deprecated=backtrack-on-build-failures. (#11241)


  • Add support to use truststore as an alternative SSL certificate verification backend. The backend can be enabled on Python 3.10 and later by installing truststore into the environment, and adding the --use-feature=truststore flag to various pip commands.

    truststore differs from the current default verification backend (provided by certifi) in it uses the operating system’s trust store, which can be better controlled and augmented to better support non-standard certificates. Depending on feedback, pip may switch to this as the default certificate verification backend in the future. (#11082)

  • Add --dry-run option to pip install, to let it print what it would install but not actually change anything in the target environment. (#11096)

  • Record in wheel cache entries the URL of the original artifact that was downloaded to build the cached wheels. The record is named origin.json and uses the PEP 610 Direct URL format. (#11137)

  • Support PEP 691. (#11158)

  • pip’s deprecation warnings now subclass the built-in DeprecationWarning, and can be suppressed by running the Python interpreter with -W ignore::DeprecationWarning. (#11225)

  • Add pip inspect command to obtain the list of installed distributions and other information about the Python environment, in JSON format. (#11245)

  • Significantly speed up isolated environment creation, by using the same sources for pip instead of creating a standalone installation for each environment. (#11257)

  • Add an experimental --report option to the install command to generate a JSON report of what was installed. In combination with --dry-run and --ignore-installed it can be used to resolve the requirements. (#53)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pip install --pre for packages with pre-release build dependencies defined both in pyproject.toml’s build-system.requires and’s setup_requires. (#10222)

  • When pip rewrites the shebang line in a script during wheel installation, update the hash and size in the corresponding RECORD file entry. (#10744)

  • Do not consider a .dist-info directory found inside a wheel-like zip file as metadata for an installed distribution. A package in a wheel is (by definition) not installed, and is not guaranteed to work due to how a wheel is structured. (#11217)

  • Use importlib.resources to read the vendor.txt file in pip debug. This makes the command safe for use from a zipapp. (#11248)

  • Make the --use-pep517 option of the download command apply not just to the requirements specified on the command line, but to their dependencies, as well. (#9523)


  • Remove reliance on the stdlib cgi module, which is deprecated in Python 3.11.

Vendored Libraries

  • Remove html5lib.

  • Upgrade certifi to 2022.6.15

  • Upgrade chardet to 5.0.0

  • Upgrade colorama to 0.4.5

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.3.5

  • Upgrade msgpack to 1.0.4

  • Upgrade pygments to 2.12.0

  • Upgrade pyparsing to 3.0.9

  • Upgrade requests to 2.28.1

  • Upgrade rich to 12.5.1

  • Upgrade typing_extensions to 4.3.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.10

22.1.2 (2022-05-31)

Bug Fixes

  • Revert #10979 since it introduced a regression in certain edge cases. (#10979)

  • Fix an incorrect assertion in the logging logic, that prevented the upgrade prompt from being presented. (#11136)

22.1.1 (2022-05-20)

Bug Fixes

  • Properly filter out optional dependencies (i.e. extras) when checking build environment distributions. (#11112)

  • Change the build environment dependency checking to be opt-in. (#11116)

  • Allow using a pre-release version to satisfy a build requirement. This helps manually populated build environments to more accurately detect build-time requirement conflicts. (#11123)

22.1 (2022-05-11)


  • Enable the importlib.metadata metadata implementation by default on Python 3.11 (or later). The environment variable _PIP_USE_IMPORTLIB_METADATA can still be used to enable the implementation on 3.10 and earlier, or disable it on 3.11 (by setting it to 0 or false).

Bug Fixes

  • Revert #9243 since it introduced a regression in certain edge cases. (#10962)

  • Fix missing REQUESTED metadata when using URL constraints. (#11079)

  • pip config now normalizes names by converting underscores into dashes. (#9330)

22.1b1 (2022-04-30)


  • Start migration of distribution metadata implementation from pkg_resources to importlib.metadata. The new implementation is currently not exposed in any user-facing way, but included in the code base for easier development.

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop --use-deprecated=out-of-tree-build, according to deprecation message. (#11001)


  • Add option to install and uninstall commands to opt-out from running-as-root warning. (#10556)

  • Include Project-URLs in pip show output. (#10799)

  • Improve error message when pip config edit is provided an editor that doesn’t exist. (#10812)

  • Add a user interface for supplying config settings to build backends. (#11059)

  • Add support for Powershell autocompletion. (#9024)

  • Explains why specified version cannot be retrieved when Requires-Python is not satisfied. (#9615)

  • Validate build dependencies when using --no-build-isolation. (#9794)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix conditional checks to prevent pip.exe from trying to modify itself, on Windows. (#10560)

  • Fix uninstall editable from Windows junction link. (#10696)

  • Fallback to pyproject.toml-based builds if is present in a project, but setuptools cannot be imported. (#10717)

  • When checking for conflicts in the build environment, correctly skip requirements containing markers that do not match the current environment. (#10883)

  • Disable brotli import in vendored urllib3 so brotli could be uninstalled/upgraded by pip. (#10950)

  • Prioritize URL credentials over netrc. (#10979)

  • Filter available distributions using hash declarations from constraints files. (#9243)

  • Fix an error when trying to uninstall packages installed as editable from a network drive. (#9452)

  • Fix pip install issues using a proxy due to an inconsistency in how Requests is currently handling variable precedence in session. (#9691)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade CacheControl to 0.12.11

  • Upgrade distro to 1.7.0

  • Upgrade platformdirs to 2.5.2

  • Remove progress from vendored dependencies.

  • Upgrade pyparsing to 3.0.8 for startup performance improvements.

  • Upgrade rich to 12.2.0

  • Upgrade tomli to 2.0.1

  • Upgrade typing_extensions to 4.2.0

Improved Documentation

  • Add more dedicated topic and reference pages to the documentation. (#10899)

  • Capitalise Y as the default for “Proceed (y/n)?” when uninstalling. (#10936)

  • Add scheme:// requirement to --proxy option’s description (#10951)

  • The wheel command now references the build interface section instead of stating the legacy setuptools behavior as the default. (#10972)

  • Improved usefulness of pip config --help output. (#11074)

22.0.4 (2022-03-06)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop the doctype check, that presented a warning for index pages that use non-compliant HTML 5. (#10903)

Vendored Libraries

  • Downgrade distlib to 0.3.3.

22.0.3 (2022-02-03)


  • Print the exception via rich.traceback, when running with --debug. (#10791)

Bug Fixes

  • Only calculate topological installation order, for packages that are going to be installed/upgraded.

    This fixes an AssertionError that occurred when determining installation order, for a very specific combination of upgrading-already-installed-package + change of dependencies + fetching some packages from a package index. This combination was especially common in Read the Docs’ builds. (#10851)

  • Use html.parser by default, instead of falling back to html5lib when --use-deprecated=html5lib is not passed. (#10869)

Improved Documentation

  • Clarify that using per-requirement overrides disables the usage of wheels. (#9674)

22.0.2 (2022-01-30)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Instead of failing on index pages that use non-compliant HTML 5, print a deprecation warning and fall back to html5lib-based parsing for now. This simplifies the migration for non-compliant index pages, by letting such indexes function with a warning. (#10847)

22.0.1 (2022-01-30)

Bug Fixes

  • Accept lowercase <!doctype html> on index pages. (#10844)

  • Properly handle links parsed by html5lib, when using --use-deprecated=html5lib. (#10846)

22.0 (2022-01-29)


  • Completely replace tox in our development workflow, with nox.

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate alternative progress bar styles, leaving only on and off as available choices. (#10462)

  • Drop support for Python 3.6. (#10641)

  • Disable location mismatch warnings on Python versions prior to 3.10.

    These warnings were helping identify potential issues as part of the sysconfig -> distutils transition, and we no longer need to rely on reports from older Python versions for information on the transition. (#10840)


  • Changed PackageFinder to parse HTML documents using the stdlib html.parser.HTMLParser class instead of the html5lib package.

    For now, the deprecated html5lib code remains and can be used with the --use-deprecated=html5lib command line option. However, it will be removed in a future pip release. (#10291)

  • Utilise rich for presenting pip’s default download progress bar. (#10462)

  • Present a better error message when an invalid wheel file is encountered, providing more context where the invalid wheel file is. (#10535)

  • Documents the --require-virtualenv flag for pip install. (#10588)

  • pip install <tab> autocompletes paths. (#10646)

  • Allow Python distributors to opt-out from or opt-in to the sysconfig installation scheme backend by setting sysconfig._PIP_USE_SYSCONFIG to True or False. (#10647)

  • Make it possible to deselect tests requiring cryptography package on systems where it cannot be installed. (#10686)

  • Start using Rich for presenting error messages in a consistent format. (#10703)

  • Improve presentation of errors from subprocesses. (#10705)

  • Forward pip’s verbosity configuration to VCS tools to control their output accordingly. (#8819)

Bug Fixes

  • Optimize installation order calculation to improve performance when installing requirements that form a complex dependency graph with a large amount of edges. (#10557)

  • When a package is requested by the user for upgrade, correctly identify that the extra-ed variant of that same package depended by another user-requested package is requesting the same package, and upgrade it accordingly. (#10613)

  • Prevent pip from installing yanked releases unless explicitly pinned via the == or === operators. (#10617)

  • Stop backtracking on build failures, by instead surfacing them to the user and aborting immediately. This behaviour provides more immediate feedback when a package cannot be built due to missing build dependencies or platform incompatibility. (#10655)

  • Silence Value for <location> does not match warning caused by an erroneous patch in Slackware-distributed Python 3.9. (#10668)

  • Fix an issue where pip did not consider dependencies with and without extras to be equal (#9644)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade CacheControl to 0.12.10

  • Upgrade certifi to 2021.10.8

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.3.4

  • Upgrade idna to 3.3

  • Upgrade msgpack to 1.0.3

  • Upgrade packaging to 21.3

  • Upgrade platformdirs to 2.4.1

  • Add pygments 2.11.2 as a vendored dependency.

  • Tree-trim unused portions of vendored pygments, to reduce the distribution size.

  • Upgrade pyparsing to 3.0.7

  • Upgrade Requests to 2.27.1

  • Upgrade resolvelib to 0.8.1

  • Add rich 11.0.0 as a vendored dependency.

  • Tree-trim unused portions of vendored rich, to reduce the distribution size.

  • Add typing_extensions 4.0.1 as a vendored dependency.

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.8

21.3.1 (2021-10-22)

Bug Fixes

  • Always refuse installing or building projects that have no pyproject.toml nor (#10531)

  • Tweak running-as-root detection, to check os.getuid if it exists, on Unix-y and non-Linux/non-MacOS machines. (#10565)

  • When installing projects with a pyproject.toml in editable mode, and the build backend does not support PEP 660, prepare metadata using prepare_metadata_for_build_wheel instead of egg_info. Also, refuse installing projects that only have a setup.cfg and no nor pyproject.toml. These restore the pre-21.3 behaviour. (#10573)

  • Restore compatibility of where configuration files are loaded from on MacOS (back to Library/Application Support/pip, instead of Preferences/pip). (#10585)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade pep517 to 0.12.0

21.3 (2021-10-11)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Improve deprecation warning regarding the copying of source trees when installing from a local directory. (#10128)

  • Suppress location mismatch warnings when pip is invoked from a Python source tree, so ensurepip does not emit warnings on CPython make install. (#10270)

  • On Python 3.10 or later, the installation scheme backend has been changed to use sysconfig. This is to anticipate the deprecation of distutils in Python 3.10, and its scheduled removal in 3.12. For compatibility considerations, pip installations running on Python 3.9 or lower will continue to use distutils. (#10358)

  • Remove the --build-dir option and aliases, one last time. (#10485)

  • In-tree builds are now the default. --use-feature=in-tree-build is now ignored. --use-deprecated=out-of-tree-build may be used temporarily to ease the transition. (#10495)

  • Un-deprecate source distribution re-installation behaviour. (#8711)


  • Replace vendored appdirs with platformdirs. (#10202)

  • Support PEP 610 to detect editable installs in pip freeze and pip list. The pip list column output has a new Editable project location column, and the JSON output has a new editable_project_location field. (#10249)

  • pip freeze will now always fallback to reporting the editable project location when it encounters a VCS error while analyzing an editable requirement. Before, it sometimes reported the requirement as non-editable. (#10410)

  • pip show now sorts Requires and Required-By alphabetically. (#10422)

  • Do not raise error when there are no files to remove with pip cache purge/remove. Instead log a warning and continue (to log that we removed 0 files). (#10459)

  • When backtracking during dependency resolution, prefer the dependencies which are involved in the most recent conflict. This can significantly reduce the amount of backtracking required. (#10479)

  • Cache requirement objects, to improve performance reducing reparses of requirement strings. (#10550)

  • Support editable installs for projects that have a pyproject.toml and use a build backend that supports PEP 660. (#8212)

  • When a revision is specified in a Git URL, use git’s partial clone feature to speed up source retrieval. (#9086)

  • Add a --debug flag, to enable a mode that doesn’t log errors and propagates them to the top level instead. This is primarily to aid with debugging pip’s crashes. (#9349)

  • If a host is explicitly specified as trusted by the user (via the --trusted-host option), cache HTTP responses from it in addition to HTTPS ones. (#9498)

Bug Fixes

  • Present a better error message, when a file: URL is not found. (#10263)

  • Fix the auth credential cache to allow for the case in which the index url contains the username, but the password comes from an external source, such as keyring. (#10269)

  • Fix double unescape of HTML data-requires-python and data-yanked attributes. (#10378)

  • New resolver: Fixes depth ordering of packages during resolution, e.g. a dependency 2 levels deep will be ordered before a dependency 3 levels deep. (#10482)

  • Correctly indent metadata preparation messages in pip output. (#10524)

Vendored Libraries

  • Remove appdirs as a vendored dependency.

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.3.3

  • Upgrade distro to 1.6.0

  • Patch pkg_resources to use platformdirs rather than appdirs.

  • Add platformdirs as a vendored dependency.

  • Upgrade progress to 1.6

  • Upgrade resolvelib to 0.8.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.7

Improved Documentation

  • Update links of setuptools as setuptools moved these documents. The Simple Repository link now points to PyPUG as that is the canonical place of packaging specification, and setuptools’s easy_install is deprecated. (#10430)

  • Create a “Build System Interface” reference section, for documenting how pip interacts with build systems. (#10497)

21.2.4 (2021-08-12)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix 3.6.0 compatibility in link comparison logic. (#10280)

21.2.3 (2021-08-06)

Bug Fixes

  • Modify the sysconfig.get_preferred_scheme function check to be compatible with CPython 3.10’s alphareleases. (#10252)

21.2.2 (2021-07-31)

Bug Fixes

  • New resolver: When a package is specified with extras in constraints, and with extras in non-constraint requirements, the resolver now correctly identifies the constraint’s existence and avoids backtracking. (#10233)

21.2.1 (2021-07-25)


  • The source distribution re-installation feature removal has been delayed to 21.3.

21.2 (2021-07-24)


  • pip freeze, pip list, and pip show no longer normalize underscore (_) in distribution names to dash (-). This is a side effect of the migration to importlib.metadata, since the underscore-dash normalization behavior is non-standard and specific to setuptools. This should not affect other parts of pip (for example, when feeding the pip freeze result back into pip install) since pip internally performs standard PEP 503 normalization independently to setuptools.

Deprecations and Removals

  • Git version parsing is now done with regular expression to prepare for the pending upstream removal of non-PEP-440 version parsing logic. (#10117)

  • Re-enable the “Value for … does not match” location warnings to field a new round of feedback for the distutils-sysconfig transition. (#10151)

  • Remove deprecated --find-links option in pip freeze (#9069)


  • New resolver: Loosen URL comparison logic when checking for direct URL reference equivalency. The logic includes the following notable characteristics:

    • The authentication part of the URL is explicitly ignored.

    • Most of the fragment part, including egg=, is explicitly ignored. Only subdirectory= and hash values (e.g. sha256=) are kept.

    • The query part of the URL is parsed to allow ordering differences. (#10002)

  • Support TOML v1.0.0 syntax in pyproject.toml. (#10034)

  • Added a warning message for errors caused due to Long Paths being disabled on Windows. (#10045)

  • Change the encoding of log file from default text encoding to UTF-8. (#10071)

  • Log the resolved commit SHA when installing a package from a Git repository. (#10149)

  • Add a warning when passing an invalid requirement to pip uninstall. (#4958)

  • Add new subcommand pip index used to interact with indexes, and implement pip index version to list available versions of a package. (#7975)

  • When pip is asked to uninstall a project without the dist-info/RECORD file it will no longer traceback with FileNotFoundError, but it will provide a better error message instead, such as:

    ERROR: Cannot uninstall foobar 0.1, RECORD file not found. You might be able to recover from this via: 'pip install --force-reinstall --no-deps foobar==0.1'.

    When dist-info/INSTALLER is present and contains some useful information, the info is included in the error message instead:

    ERROR: Cannot uninstall foobar 0.1, RECORD file not found. Hint: The package was installed by rpm.


  • Add an additional level of verbosity. --verbose (and the shorthand -v) now contains significantly less output, and users that need complete full debug-level output should pass it twice (--verbose --verbose or -vv). (#9450)

  • New resolver: The order of dependencies resolution has been tweaked to traverse the dependency graph in a more breadth-first approach. (#9455)

  • Make “yes” the default choice in pip uninstall’s prompt. (#9686)

  • Add a special error message when users forget the -r flag when installing. (#9915)

  • New resolver: A distribution’s Requires-Python metadata is now checked before its Python dependencies. This makes the resolver fail quicker when there’s an interpreter version conflict. (#9925)

  • Suppress “not on PATH” warning when --prefix is given. (#9931)

  • Include rustc version in pip’s User-Agent, when the system has rustc. (#9987)

Bug Fixes

  • Update vendored six to 1.16.0 and urllib3 to 1.26.5 (#10043)

  • Correctly allow PEP 517 projects to be detected without warnings in pip freeze. (#10080)

  • Strip leading slash from a file:// URL built from an path with the Windows drive notation. This fixes bugs where the file:// URL cannot be correctly used as requirement, constraint, or index URLs on Windows. (#10115)

  • New resolver: URL comparison logic now treats file://localhost/ and file:/// as equivalent to conform to RFC 8089. (#10162)

  • Prefer credentials from the URL over the previously-obtained credentials from URLs of the same domain, so it is possible to use different credentials on the same index server for different --extra-index-url options. (#3931)

  • Fix extraction of files with utf-8 encoded paths from tars. (#7667)

  • Skip distutils configuration parsing on encoding errors. (#8931)

  • New resolver: Detect an unnamed requirement is user-specified (by building its metadata for the project name) so it can be correctly ordered in the resolver. (#9204)

  • Fix pip freeze to output packages installed from git in the correct git+protocol:// format rather than the old and no longer supported git+git@ format. (#9822)

  • Fix warnings about install scheme selection for Python framework builds distributed by Apple’s Command Line Tools. (#9844)

  • Relax interpreter detection to quelch a location mismatch warning where PyPy is deliberately breaking backwards compatibility. (#9845)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2021.05.30.

  • Upgrade idna to 3.2.

  • Upgrade packaging to 21.0

  • Upgrade requests to 2.26.0.

  • Upgrade resolvelib to 0.7.1.

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.6.

21.1.3 (2021-06-26)

Bug Fixes

  • Remove unused optional tornado import in vendored tenacity to prevent old versions of Tornado from breaking pip. (#10020)

  • Require setup.cfg-only projects to be built via PEP 517, by requiring an explicit dependency on setuptools declared in pyproject.toml. (#10031)

21.1.2 (2021-05-23)

Bug Fixes

  • New resolver: Correctly exclude an already installed package if its version is known to be incompatible to stop the dependency resolution process with a clear error message. (#9841)

  • Allow ZIP to archive files with timestamps earlier than 1980. (#9910)

  • Emit clearer error message when a project root does not contain either pyproject.toml, or setup.cfg. (#9944)

  • Fix detection of existing standalone pip instance for PEP 517 builds. (#9953)

21.1.1 (2021-04-30)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Temporarily set the new “Value for … does not match” location warnings level to DEBUG, to hide them from casual users. This prepares pip 21.1 for CPython inclusion, while pip maintainers digest the first intake of location mismatch issues for the distutils-sysconfig transition. (#9912)

Bug Fixes

  • This change fixes a bug on Python <=3.6.1 with a Typing feature added in 3.6.2 (#9831)

  • Fix compatibility between distutils and sysconfig when the project name is unknown outside of a virtual environment. (#9838)

  • Fix Python 3.6 compatibility when a PEP 517 build requirement itself needs to be built in an isolated environment. (#9878)

21.1 (2021-04-24)


  • Start installation scheme migration from distutils to sysconfig. A warning is implemented to detect differences between the two implementations to encourage user reports, so we can avoid breakages before they happen.


  • Add the ability for the new resolver to process URL constraints. (#8253)

  • Add a feature --use-feature=in-tree-build to build local projects in-place when installing. This is expected to become the default behavior in pip 21.3; see Installing from local packages for more information. (#9091)

  • Bring back the “(from versions: …)” message, that was shown on resolution failures. (#9139)

  • Add support for editable installs for project with only setup.cfg files. (#9547)

  • Improve performance when picking the best file from indexes during pip install. (#9748)

  • Warn instead of erroring out when doing a PEP 517 build in presence of --build-option. Warn when doing a PEP 517 build in presence of --global-option. (#9774)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed --target to work with --editable installs. (#4390)

  • Add a warning, discouraging the usage of pip as root, outside a virtual environment. (#6409)

  • Ignore .dist-info directories if the stem is not a valid Python distribution name, so they don’t show up in e.g. pip freeze. (#7269)

  • Only query the keyring for URLs that actually trigger error 401. This prevents an unnecessary keyring unlock prompt on every pip install invocation (even with default index URL which is not password protected). (#8090)

  • Prevent packages already-installed alongside with pip to be injected into an isolated build environment during build-time dependency population. (#8214)

  • Fix pip freeze permission denied error in order to display an understandable error message and offer solutions. (#8418)

  • Correctly uninstall script files (from setuptools’ scripts argument), when installed with --user. (#8733)

  • New resolver: When a requirement is requested both via a direct URL (req @ URL) and via version specifier with extras (req[extra]), the resolver will now be able to use the URL to correctly resolve the requirement with extras. (#8785)

  • New resolver: Show relevant entries from user-supplied constraint files in the error message to improve debuggability. (#9300)

  • Avoid parsing version to make the version check more robust against lousily debundled downstream distributions. (#9348)

  • --user is no longer suggested incorrectly when pip fails with a permission error in a virtual environment. (#9409)

  • Fix incorrect reporting on Requires-Python conflicts. (#9541)

  • Make wheel compatibility tag preferences more important than the build tag (#9565)

  • Fix pip to work with warnings converted to errors. (#9779)

  • SECURITY: Stop splitting on unicode separators in git references, which could be maliciously used to install a different revision on the repository. (#9827)

Vendored Libraries

  • Update urllib3 to 1.26.4 to fix CVE-2021-28363

  • Remove contextlib2.

  • Upgrade idna to 3.1

  • Upgrade pep517 to 0.10.0

  • Upgrade vendored resolvelib to 0.7.0.

  • Upgrade tenacity to 7.0.0

Improved Documentation

  • Update “setuptools extras” link to match upstream. (#4822829F-6A45-4202-87BA-A80482DF6D4E)

  • Improve SSL Certificate Verification docs and --cert help text. (#6720)

  • Add a section in the documentation to suggest solutions to the pip freeze permission denied issue. (#8418)

  • Add warning about --extra-index-url and dependency confusion (#9647)

  • Describe --upgrade-strategy and direct requirements explicitly; add a brief example. (#9692)

21.0.1 (2021-01-30)

Bug Fixes

  • commands: debug: Use packaging.version.parse to compare between versions. (#9461)

  • New resolver: Download and prepare a distribution only at the last possible moment to avoid unnecessary network access when the same version is already installed locally. (#9516)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade packaging to 20.9

21.0 (2021-01-23)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop support for Python 2. (#6148)

  • Remove support for legacy wheel cache entries that were created with pip versions older than 20.0. (#7502)

  • Remove support for VCS pseudo URLs editable requirements. It was emitting deprecation warning since version 20.0. (#7554)

  • Modernise the codebase after Python 2. (#8802)

  • Drop support for Python 3.5. (#9189)

  • Remove the VCS export feature that was used only with editable VCS requirements and had correctness issues. (#9338)


  • Add --ignore-requires-python support to pip download. (#1884)

  • New resolver: Error message shown when a wheel contains inconsistent metadata is made more helpful by including both values from the file name and internal metadata. (#9186)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a regression that made pip wheel do a VCS export instead of a VCS clone for editable requirements. This broke VCS requirements that need the VCS information to build correctly. (#9273)

  • Fix pip download of editable VCS requirements that need VCS information to build correctly. (#9337)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade msgpack to 1.0.2.

  • Upgrade requests to 2.25.1.

Improved Documentation

  • Render the unreleased pip version change notes on the news page in docs. (#9172)

  • Fix broken email link in docs feedback banners. (#9343)

20.3.4 (2021-01-23)


  • pip wheel now verifies the built wheel contains valid metadata, and can be installed by a subsequent pip install. This can be disabled with --no-verify. (#9206)

  • Improve presentation of XMLRPC errors in pip search. (#9315)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hanging VCS subprocess calls when the VCS outputs a large amount of data on stderr. Restored logging of VCS errors that was inadvertently removed in pip 20.2. (#8876)

  • Fix error when an existing incompatibility is unable to be applied to a backtracked state. (#9180)

  • New resolver: Discard a faulty distribution, instead of quitting outright. This implementation is taken from 20.2.2, with a fix that always makes the resolver iterate through candidates from indexes lazily, to avoid downloading candidates we do not need. (#9203)

  • New resolver: Discard a source distribution if it fails to generate metadata, instead of quitting outright. This implementation is taken from 20.2.2, with a fix that always makes the resolver iterate through candidates from indexes lazily, to avoid downloading candidates we do not need. (#9246)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade resolvelib to 0.5.4.

20.3.3 (2020-12-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Revert “Skip candidate not providing valid metadata”, as that caused pip to be overeager about downloading from the package index. (#9264)

20.3.2 (2020-12-15)


  • New resolver: Resolve direct and pinned (== or ===) requirements first to improve resolver performance. (#9185)

  • Add a mechanism to delay resolving certain packages, and use it for setuptools. (#9249)

Bug Fixes

  • New resolver: The “Requirement already satisfied” log is not printed only once for each package during resolution. (#9117)

  • Fix crash when logic for redacting authentication information from URLs in --help is given a list of strings, instead of a single string. (#9191)

  • New resolver: Correctly implement PEP 592. Do not return yanked versions from an index, unless the version range can only be satisfied by yanked candidates. (#9203)

  • New resolver: Make constraints also apply to package variants with extras, so the resolver correctly avoids backtracking on them. (#9232)

  • New resolver: Discard a candidate if it fails to provide metadata from source, or if the provided metadata is inconsistent, instead of quitting outright. (#9246)

Vendored Libraries

  • Update vendoring to 20.8

Improved Documentation

  • Update documentation to reflect that pip still uses legacy resolver by default in Python 2 environments. (#9269)

20.3.1 (2020-12-03)

Deprecations and Removals

  • The --build-dir option has been restored as a no-op, to soften the transition for tools that still used it. (#9193)

20.3 (2020-11-30)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove --unstable-feature flag as it has been deprecated. (#9133)


  • Add support for PEP 600: Future ‘manylinux’ Platform Tags for Portable Linux Built Distributions. (#9077)

  • The new resolver now resolves packages in a deterministic order. (#9100)

  • Add support for MacOS Big Sur compatibility tags. (#9138)

Bug Fixes

  • New Resolver: Rework backtracking and state management, to avoid getting stuck in an infinite loop. (#9011)

  • New resolver: Check version equality with packaging.version to avoid edge cases if a wheel used different version normalization logic in its filename and metadata. (#9083)

  • New resolver: Show each requirement in the conflict error message only once to reduce cluttering. (#9101)

  • Fix a regression that made pip wheel generate zip files of editable requirements in the wheel directory. (#9122)

  • Fix ResourceWarning in VCS subprocesses (#9156)

  • Redact auth from URL in help message. (#9160)

  • New Resolver: editable installations are done, regardless of whether the already-installed distribution is editable. (#9169)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2020.11.8

  • Upgrade colorama to 0.4.4

  • Upgrade packaging to 20.7

  • Upgrade pep517 to 0.9.1

  • Upgrade requests to 2.25.0

  • Upgrade resolvelib to 0.5.3

  • Upgrade toml to 0.10.2

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.26.2

Improved Documentation

  • Add a section to the User Guide to cover backtracking during dependency resolution. (#9039)

  • Reorder and revise installation instructions to make them easier to follow. (#9131)

20.3b1 (2020-10-31)

Deprecations and Removals

  • pip freeze will stop filtering the pip, setuptools, distribute and wheel packages from pip freeze output in a future version. To keep the previous behavior, users should use the new --exclude option. (#4256)

  • Deprecate support for Python 3.5 (#8181)

  • Document that certain removals can be fast tracked. (#8417)

  • Document that Python versions are generally supported until PyPI usage falls below 5%. (#8927)

  • Deprecate --find-links option in pip freeze (#9069)


  • Add --exclude option to pip freeze and pip list commands to explicitly exclude packages from the output. (#4256)

  • Allow multiple values for --abi and --platform. (#6121)

  • Add option --format to subcommand list of pip  cache, with abspath choice to output the full path of a wheel file. (#8355)

  • Improve error message friendliness when an environment has packages with corrupted metadata. (#8676)

  • Make the install deprecation warning less noisy. We warn only when install succeeded and bdist_wheel failed, as situations where both fails are most probably irrelevant to this deprecation. (#8752)

  • Check the download directory for existing wheels to possibly avoid fetching metadata when the fast-deps feature is used with pip wheel and pip download. (#8804)

  • When installing a git URL that refers to a commit that is not available locally after git clone, attempt to fetch it from the remote. (#8815)

  • Include http subdirectory in pip cache info and pip cache purge commands. (#8892)

  • Cache package listings on index packages so they are guaranteed to stay stable during a pip command session. This also improves performance when a index page is accessed multiple times during the command session. (#8905)

  • New resolver: Tweak resolution logic to improve user experience when user-supplied requirements conflict. (#8924)

  • Support Python 3.9. (#8971)

  • Log an informational message when backtracking takes multiple rounds on a specific package. (#8975)

  • Switch to the new dependency resolver by default. (#9019)

  • Remove the --build-dir option, as per the deprecation. (#9049)

Bug Fixes

  • Propagate --extra-index-url from requirements file properly to session auth, so that keyring auth will work as expected. (#8103)

  • Allow specifying verbosity and quiet level via configuration files and environment variables. Previously these options were treated as boolean values when read from there while through CLI the level can be specified. (#8578)

  • Only converts Windows path to unicode on Python 2 to avoid regressions when a POSIX environment does not configure the file system encoding correctly. (#8658)

  • List downloaded distributions before exiting pip download when using the new resolver to make the behavior the same as that on the legacy resolver. (#8696)

  • New resolver: Pick up hash declarations in constraints files and use them to filter available distributions. (#8792)

  • Avoid polluting the destination directory by resolution artifacts when the new resolver is used for pip download or pip wheel. (#8827)

  • New resolver: If a package appears multiple times in user specification with different --hash options, only hashes that present in all specifications should be allowed. (#8839)

  • Tweak the output during dependency resolution in the new resolver. (#8861)

  • Correctly search for installed distributions in new resolver logic in order to not miss packages (virtualenv packages from system-wide-packages for example) (#8963)

  • Do not fail in pip freeze when encountering a direct_url.json metadata file with editable=True. Render it as a non-editable file:// URL until modern editable installs are standardized and supported. (#8996)

Vendored Libraries

  • Fix devendoring instructions to explicitly state that vendor.txt should not be removed. It is mandatory for pip debug command.

Improved Documentation

  • Add documentation for ‘.netrc’ support. (#7231)

  • Add OS tabs for OS-specific commands. (#7311)

  • Add note and example on keyring support for index basic-auth (#8636)

  • Added initial UX feedback widgets to docs. (#8783, #8848)

  • Add ux documentation (#8807)

  • Update user docs to reflect new resolver as default in 20.3. (#9044)

  • Improve migration guide to reflect changes in new resolver behavior. (#9056)

20.2.4 (2020-10-16)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Document that certain removals can be fast tracked. (#8417)

  • Document that Python versions are generally supported until PyPI usage falls below 5%. (#8927)


  • New resolver: Avoid accessing indexes when the installed candidate is preferred and considered good enough. (#8023)

  • Improve error message friendliness when an environment has packages with corrupted metadata. (#8676)

  • Cache package listings on index packages so they are guaranteed to stay stable during a pip command session. This also improves performance when a index page is accessed multiple times during the command session. (#8905)

  • New resolver: Tweak resolution logic to improve user experience when user-supplied requirements conflict. (#8924)

Bug Fixes

  • New resolver: Correctly respect Requires-Python metadata to reject incompatible packages in --no-deps mode. (#8758)

  • New resolver: Pick up hash declarations in constraints files and use them to filter available distributions. (#8792)

  • New resolver: If a package appears multiple times in user specification with different --hash options, only hashes that present in all specifications should be allowed. (#8839)

Improved Documentation

  • Add ux documentation (#8807)

20.2.3 (2020-09-08)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate support for Python 3.5 (#8181)


  • Make the install deprecation warning less noisy. We warn only when install succeeded and bdist_wheel failed, as situations where both fails are most probably irrelevant to this deprecation. (#8752)

20.2.2 (2020-08-11)

Bug Fixes

  • Only attempt to use the keyring once and if it fails, don’t try again. This prevents spamming users with several keyring unlock prompts when they cannot unlock or don’t want to do so. (#8090)

  • Fix regression that distributions in system site-packages are not correctly found when a virtual environment is configured with system-site-packages on. (#8695)

  • Disable caching for range requests, which causes corrupted wheels when pip tries to obtain metadata using the feature fast-deps. (#8701, #8716)

  • Always use UTF-8 to read pyvenv.cfg to match the built-in venv. (#8717)

  • 2020 Resolver: Correctly handle marker evaluation in constraints and exclude them if their markers do not match the current environment. (#8724)

20.2.1 (2020-08-04)


  • Ignore require-virtualenv in pip list (#8603)

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly find already-installed distributions with dot (.) in the name and uninstall them when needed. (#8645)

  • Trace a better error message on installation failure due to invalid .data files in wheels. (#8654)

  • Fix SVN version detection for alternative SVN distributions. (#8665)

  • New resolver: Correctly include the base package when specified with extras in --no-deps mode. (#8677)

  • Use UTF-8 to handle ZIP archive entries on Python 2 according to PEP 427, so non-ASCII paths can be resolved as expected. (#8684)

Improved Documentation

  • Add details on old resolver deprecation and removal to migration documentation. (#8371)

  • Fix feature flag name in docs. (#8660)

20.2 (2020-07-29)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate builds that do not generate an .egg-info directory. (#6998, #8617)

  • Disallow passing install-location-related arguments in --install-options. (#7309)

  • Add deprecation warning for invalid requirements format “base>=1.0[extra]” (#8288)

  • Deprecate legacy install when building a wheel failed for source distributions without pyproject.toml (#8368)

  • Deprecate -b/--build/--build-dir/--build-directory. Its current behaviour is confusing and breaks in case different versions of the same distribution need to be built during the resolution process. Using the TMPDIR/TEMP/TMP environment variable, possibly combined with --no-clean covers known use cases. (#8372)

  • Remove undocumented and deprecated option --always-unzip (#8408)


  • Log debugging information about pip, in pip install --verbose. (#3166)

  • Refine error messages to avoid showing Python tracebacks when an HTTP error occurs. (#5380)

  • Install wheel files directly instead of extracting them to a temp directory. (#6030)

  • Add a beta version of pip’s next-generation dependency resolver.

    Move pip’s new resolver into beta, remove the --unstable-feature=resolver flag, and enable the --use-feature=2020-resolver flag. The new resolver is significantly stricter and more consistent when it receives incompatible instructions, and reduces support for certain kinds of Constraints Files, so some workarounds and workflows may break. More details about how to test and migrate, and how to report issues, at Changes to the pip dependency resolver in 20.3 (2020) . Maintainers are preparing to release pip 20.3, with the new resolver on by default, in October. (#6536)

  • Introduce a new ResolutionImpossible error, raised when pip encounters un-satisfiable dependency conflicts (#8546, #8377)

  • Add a subcommand debug to pip config to list available configuration sources and the key-value pairs defined in them. (#6741)

  • Warn if index pages have unexpected content-type (#6754)

  • Allow specifying --prefer-binary option in a requirements file (#7693)

  • Generate PEP 376 REQUESTED metadata for user supplied requirements installed by pip. (#7811)

  • Warn if package url is a vcs or an archive url with invalid scheme (#8128)

  • Parallelize network operations in pip list. (#8504)

  • Allow the new resolver to obtain dependency information through wheels lazily downloaded using HTTP range requests. To enable this feature, invoke pip with --use-feature=fast-deps. (#8588)

  • Support --use-feature in requirements files (#8601)

Bug Fixes

  • Use canonical package names while looking up already installed packages. (#5021)

  • Fix normalizing path on Windows when installing package on another logical disk. (#7625)

  • The VCS commands run by pip as subprocesses don’t merge stdout and stderr anymore, improving the output parsing by subsequent commands. (#7968)

  • Correctly treat non-ASCII entry point declarations in wheels so they can be installed on Windows. (#8342)

  • Update author email in config and tests to reflect decommissioning of pypa-dev list. (#8454)

  • Headers provided by wheels in .data directories are now correctly installed into the user-provided locations, such as --prefix, instead of the virtual environment pip is running in. (#8521)

Vendored Libraries

  • Vendored htmlib5 no longer imports deprecated xml.etree.cElementTree on Python 3.

  • Upgrade appdirs to 1.4.4

  • Upgrade certifi to 2020.6.20

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.3.1

  • Upgrade html5lib to 1.1

  • Upgrade idna to 2.10

  • Upgrade packaging to 20.4

  • Upgrade requests to 2.24.0

  • Upgrade six to 1.15.0

  • Upgrade toml to 0.10.1

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.9

Improved Documentation

  • Add --no-input option to pip docs (#7688)

  • List of options supported in requirements file are extracted from source of truth, instead of being maintained manually. (#7908)

  • Fix pip config docstring so that the subcommands render correctly in the docs (#8072)

  • replace links to the old pypa-dev mailing list with (#8353)

  • Fix example for defining multiple values for options which support them (#8373)

  • Add documentation for the ResolutionImpossible error that helps the user fix dependency conflicts (#8459)

  • Add feature flags to docs (#8512)

  • Document how to install package extras from git branch and source distributions. (#8576)

20.2b1 (2020-05-21)

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly treat wheels containing non-ASCII file contents so they can be installed on Windows. (#5712)

  • Prompt the user for password if the keyring backend doesn’t return one (#7998)

Improved Documentation

  • Add GitHub issue template for reporting when the dependency resolver fails (#8207)

20.1.1 (2020-05-19)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Revert building of local directories in place, restoring the pre-20.1 behaviour of copying to a temporary directory. (#7555)

  • Drop parallelization from pip list --outdated. (#8167)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix metadata permission issues when umask has the executable bit set. (#8164)

  • Avoid unnecessary message about the wheel package not being installed when a wheel would not have been built. Additionally, clarify the message. (#8178)

20.1 (2020-04-28)


  • Document that pip 21.0 will drop support for Python 2.7.


  • Add pip cache dir to show the cache directory. (#7350)

Bug Fixes

  • Abort pip cache commands early when cache is disabled. (#8124)

  • Correctly set permissions on metadata files during wheel installation, to permit non-privileged users to read from system site-packages. (#8139)

20.1b1 (2020-04-21)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove emails from AUTHORS.txt to prevent usage for spamming, and only populate names in AUTHORS.txt at time of release (#5979)

  • Remove deprecated --skip-requirements-regex option. (#7297)

  • Building of local directories is now done in place, instead of a temporary location containing a copy of the directory tree. (#7555)

  • Remove unused tests/scripts/ test script and the tests/scripts folder. (#7680)


  • pip now implements PEP 610, so pip freeze has better fidelity in presence of distributions installed from Direct URL requirements. (#609)

  • Add pip cache command for inspecting/managing pip’s wheel cache. (#6391)

  • Raise error if --user and --target are used together in pip install (#7249)

  • Significantly improve performance when --find-links points to a very large HTML page. (#7729)

  • Indicate when wheel building is skipped, due to lack of the wheel package. (#7768)

  • Change default behaviour to always cache responses from trusted-host source. (#7847)

  • An alpha version of a new resolver is available via --unstable-feature=resolver. (#988)

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly freeze a VCS editable package when it is nested inside another VCS repository. (#3988)

  • Correctly handle %2F in URL parameters to avoid accidentally unescape them into /. (#6446)

  • Reject VCS URLs with an empty revision. (#7402)

  • Warn when an invalid URL is passed with --index-url (#7430)

  • Use better mechanism for handling temporary files, when recording metadata about installed files (RECORD) and the installer (INSTALLER). (#7699)

  • Correctly detect global site-packages availability of virtual environments created by PyPA’s virtualenv>=20.0. (#7718)

  • Remove current directory from sys.path when invoked as python -m pip <command> (#7731)

  • Stop failing uninstallation, when trying to remove non-existent files. (#7856)

  • Prevent an infinite recursion with pip wheel when $TMPDIR is within the source directory. (#7872)

  • Significantly speedup pip list --outdated by parallelizing index interaction. (#7962)

  • Improve Windows compatibility when detecting writability in folder. (#8013)

Vendored Libraries

  • Update semi-supported debundling script to reflect that appdirs is vendored.

  • Add ResolveLib as a vendored dependency.

  • Upgrade certifi to 2020.04.05.1

  • Upgrade contextlib2 to 0.6.0.post1

  • Upgrade distro to 1.5.0.

  • Upgrade idna to 2.9.

  • Upgrade msgpack to 1.0.0.

  • Upgrade packaging to 20.3.

  • Upgrade pep517 to 0.8.2.

  • Upgrade pyparsing to 2.4.7.

  • Remove pytoml as a vendored dependency.

  • Upgrade requests to 2.23.0.

  • Add toml as a vendored dependency.

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.8.

Improved Documentation

  • Emphasize that VCS URLs using git, git+git and git+http are insecure due to lack of authentication and encryption (#1983)

  • Clarify the usage of --no-binary command. (#3191)

  • Clarify the usage of freeze command in the example of Using pip in your program (#7008)

  • Add a “Copyright” page. (#7767)

  • Added example of defining multiple values for options which support them (#7803)

20.0.2 (2020-01-24)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a regression in generation of compatibility tags. (#7626)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade packaging to 20.1

20.0.1 (2020-01-21)

Bug Fixes

  • Rename an internal module, to avoid ImportErrors due to improper uninstallation. (#7621)

20.0 (2020-01-21)


  • Switch to a dedicated CLI tool for vendoring dependencies.

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove wheel tag calculation from pip and use packaging.tags. This should provide more tags ordered better than in prior releases. (#6908)

  • Deprecate builds that do not generate an .egg-info directory. (#6998)

  • The pip>=20 wheel cache is not retro-compatible with previous versions. Until pip 21.0, pip will continue to take advantage of existing legacy cache entries. (#7296)

  • Deprecate undocumented --skip-requirements-regex option. (#7297)

  • Deprecate passing install-location-related options via --install-option. (#7309)

  • Use literal “abi3” for wheel tag on CPython 3.x, to align with PEP 384 which only defines it for this platform. (#7327)

  • Remove interpreter-specific major version tag e.g. cp3-none-any from consideration. This behavior was not documented strictly, and this tag in particular is not useful. Anyone with a use case can create an issue with pypa/packaging. (#7355)

  • Wheel processing no longer permits wheels containing more than one top-level .dist-info directory. (#7487)

  • Support for the git+git@ form of VCS requirement is being deprecated and will be removed in pip 21.0. Switch to git+https:// or git+ssh://. git+git:// also works but its use is discouraged as it is insecure. (#7543)


  • Default to doing a user install (as if --user was passed) when the main site-packages directory is not writeable and user site-packages are enabled. (#1668)

  • Warn if a path in PATH starts with tilde during pip install. (#6414)

  • Cache wheels built from Git requirements that are considered immutable, because they point to a commit hash. (#6640)

  • Add option --no-python-version-warning to silence warnings related to deprecation of Python versions. (#6673)

  • Cache wheels that pip wheel built locally, matching what pip install does. This particularly helps performance in workflows where pip wheel is used for building before installing. Users desiring the original behavior can use pip wheel --no-cache-dir. (#6852)

  • Display CA information in pip debug. (#7146)

  • Show only the filename (instead of full URL), when downloading from PyPI. (#7225)

  • Suggest a more robust command to upgrade pip itself to avoid confusion when the current pip command is not available as pip. (#7376)

  • Define all old pip console script entrypoints to prevent import issues in stale wrapper scripts. (#7498)

  • The build step of pip wheel now builds all wheels to a cache first, then copies them to the wheel directory all at once. Before, it built them to a temporary directory and moved them to the wheel directory one by one. (#7517)

  • Expand ~ prefix to user directory in path options, configs, and environment variables. Values that may be either URL or path are not currently supported, to avoid ambiguity:

    • --find-links

    • --constraint, -c

    • --requirement, -r

    • --editable, -e (#980)

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly handle system site-packages, in virtual environments created with venv (PEP 405). (#5702, #7155)

  • Fix case sensitive comparison of pip freeze when used with -r option. (#5716)

  • Enforce PEP 508 requirement format in pyproject.toml build-system.requires. (#6410)

  • Make ensure_dir() also ignore ENOTEMPTY as seen on Windows. (#6426)

  • Fix building packages which specify backend-path in pyproject.toml. (#6599)

  • Do not attempt to run clean after a pep517 build error, since a may not exist in that case. (#6642)

  • Fix passwords being visible in the index-url in “Downloading <url>” message. (#6783)

  • Change method from shutil.remove to shutil.rmtree in (#7191)

  • Skip running tests which require subversion, when svn isn’t installed (#7193)

  • Fix not sending client certificates when using --trusted-host. (#7207)

  • Make sure pip wheel never outputs pure python wheels with a python implementation tag. Better fix/workaround for #3025 by using a per-implementation wheel cache instead of caching pure python wheels with an implementation tag in their name. (#7296)

  • Include subdirectory URL fragments in cache keys. (#7333)

  • Fix typo in warning message when any of --build-option, --global-option and --install-option is used in requirements.txt (#7340)

  • Fix the logging of cached HTTP response shown as downloading. (#7393)

  • Effectively disable the wheel cache when it is not writable, as is the case with the http cache. (#7488)

  • Correctly handle relative cache directory provided via --cache-dir. (#7541)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade CacheControl to 0.12.5

  • Upgrade certifi to 2019.9.11

  • Upgrade colorama to 0.4.1

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.2.9.post0

  • Upgrade ipaddress to 1.0.22

  • Update packaging to 20.0.

  • Upgrade pkg_resources (via setuptools) to 44.0.0

  • Upgrade pyparsing to 2.4.2

  • Upgrade six to 1.12.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.6

Improved Documentation

  • Document that “coding: utf-8” is supported in requirements.txt (#7182)

  • Explain how to get pip’s source code in Getting Started (#7197)

  • Describe how basic authentication credentials in URLs work. (#7201)

  • Add more clear installation instructions (#7222)

  • Fix documentation links for index options (#7347)

  • Better document the requirements file format (#7385)

19.3.1 (2019-10-17)


  • Document Python 3.8 support. (#7219)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that prevented installation of PEP 517 packages without (#6606)

19.3 (2019-10-14)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove undocumented support for un-prefixed URL requirements pointing to SVN repositories. Users relying on this can get the original behavior by prefixing their URL with svn+ (which is backwards-compatible). (#7037)

  • Remove the deprecated --venv option from pip config. (#7163)


  • Print a better error message when --no-binary or --only-binary is given an argument starting with -. (#3191)

  • Make pip show warn about packages not found. (#6858)

  • Support including a port number in --trusted-host for both HTTP and HTTPS. (#6886)

  • Redact single-part login credentials from URLs in log messages. (#6891)

  • Implement manylinux2014 platform tag support. manylinux2014 is the successor to manylinux2010. It allows carefully compiled binary wheels to be installed on compatible Linux platforms. The manylinux2014 platform tag definition can be found in PEP599. (#7102)

Bug Fixes

  • Abort installation if any archive contains a file which would be placed outside the extraction location. (#3907)

  • pip’s CLI completion code no longer prints a Traceback if it is interrupted. (#3942)

  • Correct inconsistency related to the hg+file scheme. (#4358)

  • Fix rmtree_errorhandler to skip non-existing directories. (#4910)

  • Ignore errors copying socket files for local source installs (in Python 3). (#5306)

  • Fix requirement line parser to correctly handle PEP 440 requirements with a URL pointing to an archive file. (#6202)

  • The pip-wheel-metadata directory does not need to persist between invocations of pip, use a temporary directory instead of the current directory. (#6213)

  • Fix --trusted-host processing under HTTPS to trust any port number used with the host. (#6705)

  • Switch to new distlib wheel script template. This should be functionally equivalent for end users. (#6763)

  • Skip copying .tox and .nox directories to temporary build directories (#6770)

  • Fix handling of tokens (single part credentials) in URLs. (#6795)

  • Fix a regression that caused ~ expansion not to occur in --find-links paths. (#6804)

  • Fix bypassed pip upgrade warning on Windows. (#6841)

  • Fix ‘m’ flag erroneously being appended to ABI tag in Python 3.8 on platforms that do not provide SOABI (#6885)

  • Hide security-sensitive strings like passwords in log messages related to version control system (aka VCS) command invocations. (#6890)

  • Correctly uninstall symlinks that were installed in a virtualenv, by tools such as flit install --symlink. (#6892)

  • Don’t fail installation using pip.exe on Windows when pip wouldn’t be upgraded. (#6924)

  • Use canonical distribution names when computing Required-By in pip show. (#6947)

  • Don’t use hardlinks for locking selfcheck state file. (#6954)

  • Ignore “require_virtualenv” in pip config (#6991)

  • Fix pip freeze not showing correct entry for mercurial packages that use subdirectories. (#7071)

  • Fix a crash when sys.stdin is set to None, such as on AWS Lambda. (#7118, #7119)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2019.9.11

  • Add contextlib2 0.6.0 as a vendored dependency.

  • Remove Lockfile as a vendored dependency.

  • Upgrade msgpack to 0.6.2

  • Upgrade packaging to 19.2

  • Upgrade pep517 to 0.7.0

  • Upgrade pyparsing to 2.4.2

  • Upgrade pytoml to 0.1.21

  • Upgrade setuptools to 41.4.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.6

Improved Documentation

  • Document caveats for UNC paths in uninstall and add .pth unit tests. (#6516)

  • Add architectural overview documentation. (#6637)

  • Document that --ignore-installed is dangerous. (#6794)

19.2.3 (2019-08-25)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix ‘m’ flag erroneously being appended to ABI tag in Python 3.8 on platforms that do not provide SOABI (#6885)

19.2.2 (2019-08-11)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix handling of tokens (single part credentials) in URLs. (#6795)

  • Fix a regression that caused ~ expansion not to occur in --find-links paths. (#6804)

19.2.1 (2019-07-23)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a NoneType AttributeError when evaluating hashes and no hashes are provided. (#6772)

19.2 (2019-07-22)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop support for EOL Python 3.4. (#6685)

  • Improve deprecation messages to include the version in which the functionality will be removed. (#6549)


  • Credentials will now be loaded using keyring when installed. (#5948)

  • Fully support using --trusted-host inside requirements files. (#3799)

  • Update timestamps in pip’s --log file to include milliseconds. (#6587)

  • Respect whether a file has been marked as “yanked” from a simple repository (see PEP 592 for details). (#6633)

  • When choosing candidates to install, prefer candidates with a hash matching one of the user-provided hashes. (#5874)

  • Improve the error message when METADATA or PKG-INFO is None when accessing metadata. (#5082)

  • Add a new command pip debug that can display e.g. the list of compatible tags for the current Python. (#6638)

  • Display hint on installing with --pre when search results include pre-release versions. (#5169)

  • Report to Warehouse that pip is running under CI if the PIP_IS_CI environment variable is set. (#5499)

  • Allow --python-version to be passed as a dotted version string (e.g. 3.7 or 3.7.3). (#6585)

  • Log the final filename and SHA256 of a .whl file when done building a wheel. (#5908)

  • Include the wheel’s tags in the log message explanation when a candidate wheel link is found incompatible. (#6121)

  • Add a --path argument to pip freeze to support --target installations. (#6404)

  • Add a --path argument to pip list to support --target installations. (#6551)

Bug Fixes

  • Set sys.argv[0] to the underlying when invoking via the setuptools shim so setuptools doesn’t think the path is -c. (#1890)

  • Update pip download to respect the given --python-version when checking "Requires-Python". (#5369)

  • Respect --global-option and --install-option when installing from a version control url (e.g. git). (#5518)

  • Make the “ascii” progress bar really be “ascii” and not Unicode. (#5671)

  • Fail elegantly when trying to set an incorrectly formatted key in config. (#5963)

  • Prevent DistutilsOptionError when prefix is indicated in the global environment and --target is used. (#6008)

  • Fix pip install to respect --ignore-requires-python when evaluating links. (#6371)

  • Fix a debug log message when freezing an editable, non-version controlled requirement. (#6383)

  • Extend to Subversion 1.8+ the behavior of calling Subversion in interactive mode when pip is run interactively. (#6386)

  • Prevent pip install <url> from permitting directory traversal if e.g. a malicious server sends a Content-Disposition header with a filename containing ../ or ..\\. (#6413)

  • Hide passwords in output when using --find-links. (#6489)

  • Include more details in the log message if pip freeze can’t generate a requirement string for a particular distribution. (#6513)

  • Add the line number and file location to the error message when reading an invalid requirements file in certain situations. (#6527)

  • Prefer os.confstr to ctypes when extracting glibc version info. (#6543, #6675)

  • Improve error message printed when an invalid editable requirement is provided. (#6648)

  • Improve error message formatting when a command errors out in a subprocess. (#6651)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2019.6.16

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.2.9.post0

  • Upgrade msgpack to 0.6.1

  • Upgrade requests to 2.22.0

  • Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.3

  • Patch vendored html5lib, to prefer using where possible.

Improved Documentation

  • Document how Python 2.7 support will be maintained. (#6726)

  • Upgrade Sphinx version used to build documentation. (#6471)

  • Fix generation of subcommand manpages. (#6724)

  • Mention that pip can install from git refs. (#6512)

  • Replace a failing example of pip installs with extras with a working one. (#4733)

19.1.1 (2019-05-06)


  • Restore pyproject.toml handling to how it was with pip 19.0.3 to prevent the need to add --no-use-pep517 when installing in editable mode. (#6434)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a regression that caused @ to be quoted in pypiserver links. This interfered with parsing the revision string from VCS urls. (#6440)

19.1 (2019-04-23)


  • Configuration files may now also be stored under sys.prefix (#5060)

  • Avoid creating an unnecessary local clone of a Bazaar branch when exporting. (#5443)

  • Include in pip’s User-Agent string whether it looks like pip is running under CI. (#5499)

  • A custom (JSON-encoded) string can now be added to pip’s User-Agent using the PIP_USER_AGENT_USER_DATA environment variable. (#5549)

  • For consistency, passing --no-cache-dir no longer affects whether wheels will be built. In this case, a temporary directory is used. (#5749)

  • Command arguments in subprocess log messages are now quoted using shlex.quote(). (#6290)

  • Prefix warning and error messages in log output with WARNING and ERROR. (#6298)

  • Using --build-options in a PEP 517 build now fails with an error, rather than silently ignoring the option. (#6305)

  • Error out with an informative message if one tries to install a pyproject.toml-style (PEP 517) source tree using --editable mode. (#6314)

  • When downloading a package, the ETA and average speed now only update once per second for better legibility. (#6319)

Bug Fixes

  • The stdout and stderr from VCS commands run by pip as subprocesses (e.g. git, hg, etc.) no longer pollute pip’s stdout. (#1219)

  • Fix handling of requests exceptions when dependencies are debundled. (#4195)

  • Make pip’s self version check avoid recommending upgrades to prereleases if the currently-installed version is stable. (#5175)

  • Fixed crash when installing a requirement from a URL that comes from a dependency without a URL. (#5889)

  • Improve handling of file URIs: correctly handle file://localhost/… and don’t try to use UNC paths on Unix. (#5892)

  • Fix utils.encoding.auto_decode() LookupError with invalid encodings. utils.encoding.auto_decode() was broken when decoding Big Endian BOM byte-strings on Little Endian or vice versa. (#6054)

  • Fix incorrect URL quoting of IPv6 addresses. (#6285)

  • Redact the password from the extra index URL when using pip -v. (#6295)

  • The spinner no longer displays a completion message after subprocess calls not needing a spinner. It also no longer incorrectly reports an error after certain subprocess calls to Git that succeeded. (#6312)

  • Fix the handling of editable mode during installs when pyproject.toml is present but PEP 517 doesn’t require the source tree to be treated as pyproject.toml-style. (#6370)

  • Fix NameError when handling an invalid requirement. (#6419)

Vendored Libraries

  • Updated certifi to 2019.3.9

  • Updated distro to 1.4.0

  • Update progress to 1.5

  • Updated pyparsing to 2.4.0

  • Updated pkg_resources to 41.0.1 (via setuptools)

Improved Documentation

  • Make dashes render correctly when displaying long options like --find-links in the text. (#6422)

19.0.3 (2019-02-20)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an IndexError crash when a legacy build of a wheel fails. (#6252)

  • Fix a regression introduced in 19.0.2 where the filename in a RECORD file of an installed file would not be updated when installing a wheel. (#6266)

19.0.2 (2019-02-09)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash where PEP 517-based builds using --no-cache-dir would fail in some circumstances with an AssertionError due to not finalizing a build directory internally. (#6197)

  • Provide a better error message if attempting an editable install of a directory with a pyproject.toml but no (#6170)

  • The implicit default backend used for projects that provide a pyproject.toml file without explicitly specifying build-backend now behaves more like direct execution of, and hence should restore compatibility with projects that were unable to be installed with pip 19.0. This raised the minimum required version of setuptools for such builds to 40.8.0. (#6163)

  • Allow RECORD lines with more than three elements, and display a warning. (#6165)

  • AdjacentTempDirectory fails on unwritable directory instead of locking up the uninstall command. (#6169)

  • Make failed uninstalls roll back more reliably and better at avoiding naming conflicts. (#6194)

  • Ensure the correct wheel file is copied when building PEP 517 distribution is built. (#6196)

  • The Python 2 end of life warning now only shows on CPython, which is the implementation that has announced end of life plans. (#6207)

Improved Documentation

  • Re-write README and documentation index (#5815)

19.0.1 (2019-01-23)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash when using --no-cache-dir with PEP 517 distributions (#6158, #6171)

19.0 (2019-01-22)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate support for Python 3.4 (#6106)

  • Start printing a warning for Python 2.7 to warn of impending Python 2.7 End-of-life and prompt users to start migrating to Python 3. (#6148)

  • Remove the deprecated --process-dependency-links option. (#6060)

  • Remove the deprecated SVN editable detection based on dependency links during freeze. (#5866)


  • Implement PEP 517 (allow projects to specify a build backend via pyproject.toml). (#5743)

  • Implement manylinux2010 platform tag support. manylinux2010 is the successor to manylinux1. It allows carefully compiled binary wheels to be installed on compatible Linux platforms. (#5008)

  • Improve build isolation: handle .pth files, so namespace packages are correctly supported under Python 3.2 and earlier. (#5656)

  • Include the package name in a freeze warning if the package is not installed. (#5943)

  • Warn when dropping an --[extra-]index-url value that points to an existing local directory. (#5827)

  • Prefix pip’s --log file lines with their timestamp. (#6141)

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid creating excessively long temporary paths when uninstalling packages. (#3055)

  • Redact the password from the URL in various log messages. (#4746, #6124)

  • Avoid creating excessively long temporary paths when uninstalling packages. (#3055)

  • Avoid printing a stack trace when given an invalid requirement. (#5147)

  • Present 401 warning if username/password do not work for URL (#4833)

  • Handle requests.exceptions.RetryError raised in PackageFinder that was causing pip to fail silently when some indexes were unreachable. (#5270, #5483)

  • Handle a broken stdout pipe more gracefully (e.g. when running pip list | head). (#4170)

  • Fix crash from setting PIP_NO_CACHE_DIR=yes. (#5385)

  • Fix crash from unparsable requirements when checking installed packages. (#5839)

  • Fix content type detection if a directory named like an archive is used as a package source. (#5838)

  • Fix listing of outdated packages that are not dependencies of installed packages in pip list --outdated --not-required (#5737)

  • Fix sorting TypeError in move_wheel_files() when installing some packages. (#5868)

  • Fix support for invoking pip using python src/pip .... (#5841)

  • Greatly reduce memory usage when installing wheels containing large files. (#5848)

  • Editable non-VCS installs now freeze as editable. (#5031)

  • Editable Git installs without a remote now freeze as editable. (#4759)

  • Canonicalize sdist file names so they can be matched to a canonicalized package name passed to pip install. (#5870)

  • Properly decode special characters in SVN URL credentials. (#5968)

  • Make PIP_NO_CACHE_DIR disable the cache also for truthy values like "true", "yes", "1", etc. (#5735)

Vendored Libraries

  • Include license text of vendored 3rd party libraries. (#5213)

  • Update certifi to 2018.11.29

  • Update colorama to 0.4.1

  • Update distlib to 0.2.8

  • Update idna to 2.8

  • Update packaging to 19.0

  • Update pep517 to 0.5.0

  • Update pkg_resources to 40.6.3 (via setuptools)

  • Update pyparsing to 2.3.1

  • Update pytoml to 0.1.20

  • Update requests to 2.21.0

  • Update six to 1.12.0

  • Update urllib3 to 1.24.1

Improved Documentation

  • Include the Vendoring Policy in the documentation. (#5958)

  • Add instructions for running pip from source to Development documentation. (#5949)

  • Remove references to removed #egg=<name>-<version> functionality (#5888)

  • Fix omission of command name in HTML usage documentation (#5984)

18.1 (2018-10-05)


  • Allow PEP 508 URL requirements to be used as dependencies.

    As a security measure, pip will raise an exception when installing packages from PyPI if those packages depend on packages not also hosted on PyPI. In the future, PyPI will block uploading packages with such external URL dependencies directly. (#4187)

  • Allows dist options (--abi, --python-version, --platform, --implementation) when installing with --target (#5355)

  • Support passing svn+ssh URLs with a username to pip install -e. (#5375)

  • pip now ensures that the RECORD file is sorted when installing from a wheel file. (#5525)

  • Add support for Python 3.7. (#5561)

  • Malformed configuration files now show helpful error messages, instead of tracebacks. (#5798)

Bug Fixes

  • Checkout the correct branch when doing an editable Git install. (#2037)

  • Run self-version-check only on commands that may access the index, instead of trying on every run and failing to do so due to missing options. (#5433)

  • Allow a Git ref to be installed over an existing installation. (#5624)

  • Show a better error message when a configuration option has an invalid value. (#5644)

  • Always revalidate cached simple API pages instead of blindly caching them for up to 10 minutes. (#5670)

  • Avoid caching self-version-check information when cache is disabled. (#5679)

  • Avoid traceback printing on autocomplete after flags in the CLI. (#5751)

  • Fix incorrect parsing of egg names if pip needs to guess the package name. (#5819)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade certifi to 2018.8.24

  • Upgrade packaging to 18.0

  • Upgrade pyparsing to 2.2.1

  • Add pep517 version 0.2

  • Upgrade pytoml to 0.1.19

  • Upgrade pkg_resources to 40.4.3 (via setuptools)

Improved Documentation

18.0 (2018-07-22)


  • Switch to a Calendar based versioning scheme.

  • Formally document our deprecation process as a minimum of 6 months of deprecation warnings.

  • Adopt and document NEWS fragment writing style.

  • Switch to releasing a new, non-bug fix version of pip every 3 months.

Deprecations and Removals

  • Remove the legacy format from pip list. (#3651, #3654)

  • Dropped support for Python 3.3. (#3796)

  • Remove support for cleaning up #egg fragment postfixes. (#4174)

  • Remove the shim for the old location. (#5520)

    For the past 2 years, it’s only been redirecting users to use the newer location.


  • Introduce a new --prefer-binary flag, to prefer older wheels over newer source packages. (#3785)

  • Improve autocompletion function on file name completion after options which have <file>, <dir> or <path> as metavar. (#4842, #5125)

  • Add support for installing PEP 518 build dependencies from source. (#5229)

  • Improve status message when upgrade is skipped due to only-if-needed strategy. (#5319)

Bug Fixes

  • Update pip’s self-check logic to not use a virtualenv specific file and honor cache-dir. (#3905)

  • Remove compiled pyo files for wheel packages. (#4471)

  • Speed up printing of newly installed package versions. (#5127)

  • Restrict install time dependency warnings to directly-dependant packages. (#5196, #5457)

    Warning about the entire package set has resulted in users getting confused as to why pip is printing these warnings.

  • Improve handling of PEP 518 build requirements: support environment markers and extras. (#5230, #5265)

  • Remove username/password from log message when using index with basic auth. (#5249)

  • Remove trailing os.sep from PATH directories to avoid false negatives. (#5293)

  • Fix “pip wheel pip” being blocked by the “don’t use pip to modify itself” check. (#5311, #5312)

  • Disable pip’s version check (and upgrade message) when installed by a different package manager. (#5346)

    This works better with Linux distributions where pip’s upgrade message may result in users running pip in a manner that modifies files that should be managed by the OS’s package manager.

  • Check for file existence and unlink first when clobbering existing files during a wheel install. (#5366)

  • Improve error message to be more specific when no files are found as listed in as listed in PKG-INFO. (#5381)

  • Always read pyproject.toml as UTF-8. This fixes Unicode handling on Windows and Python 2. (#5482)

  • Fix a crash that occurs when PATH not set, while generating script location warning. (#5558)

  • Disallow packages with pyproject.toml files that have an empty build-system table. (#5627)

Vendored Libraries

  • Update CacheControl to 0.12.5.

  • Update certifi to 2018.4.16.

  • Update distro to 1.3.0.

  • Update idna to 2.7.

  • Update ipaddress to 1.0.22.

  • Update pkg_resources to 39.2.0 (via setuptools).

  • Update progress to 1.4.

  • Update pytoml to 0.1.16.

  • Update requests to 2.19.1.

  • Update urllib3 to 1.23.

Improved Documentation

  • Document how to use pip with a proxy server. (#512, #5574)

  • Document that the output of pip show is in RFC-compliant mail header format. (#5261)

10.0.1 (2018-04-19)


  • Switch the default repository to the new “PyPI 2.0” running at (#5214)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that made unusable on Windows without renaming. (#5219)

  • Fix a TypeError when loading the cache on older versions of Python 2.7. (#5231)

  • Fix and improve error message when EnvironmentError occurs during installation. (#5237)

  • A crash when reinstalling from VCS requirements has been fixed. (#5251)

  • Fix PEP 518 support when pip is installed in the user site. (#5524)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.2.7

10.0.0 (2018-04-14)

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent false-positive installation warnings due to incomplete name normalization. (#5134)

  • Fix issue where installing from Git with a short SHA would fail. (#5140)

  • Accept pre-release versions when checking for conflicts with pip check or pip install. (#5141)

  • ioctl(fd, termios.TIOCGWINSZ, ...) needs 8 bytes of data (#5150)

  • Do not warn about script location when installing to the directory containing sys.executable. This is the case when ‘pip install’ing without activating a virtualenv. (#5157)

  • Fix PEP 518 support. (#5188)

  • Don’t warn about script locations if --target is specified. (#5203)

10.0.0b2 (2018-04-02)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed line endings in CA Bundle - 10.0.0b1 was inadvertently released with Windows line endings. (#5131)

10.0.0b1 (2018-03-31)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Removed the deprecated --egg parameter to pip install. (#1749)

  • Removed support for uninstalling projects which have been installed using distutils. distutils installed projects do not include metadata indicating what files belong to that install and thus it is impossible to actually uninstall them rather than just remove the metadata saying they’ve been installed while leaving all of the actual files behind. (#2386)

  • Removed the deprecated --download option to pip install. (#2643)

  • Removed the deprecated --(no-)use-wheel flags to pip install and pip wheel. (#2699)

  • Removed the deprecated --allow-external, --allow-all-external, and --allow-unverified options. (#3070)

  • Switch the default for pip list to the columns format, and deprecate the legacy format. (#3654, #3686)

  • Deprecate support for Python 3.3. (#3796)

  • Removed the deprecated --default-vcs option. (#4052)

  • Removed the test support from our sdist as it wasn’t being maintained as a supported means to run our tests. (#4203)

  • Dropped support for Python 2.6. (#4343)

  • Removed the --editable flag from pip download, as it did not make sense (#4362)

  • Deprecate SVN detection based on dependency links in pip freeze. (#4449)

  • Move all of pip’s APIs into the pip._internal package, properly reflecting the fact that pip does not currently have any public APIs. (#4696, #4700)


  • Add --progress-bar <progress_bar> to pip download, pip install and pip wheel commands, to allow selecting a specific progress indicator or, to completely suppress, (for example in a CI environment) use --progress-bar off`. (#2369, #2756)

  • Add --no-color to pip. All colored output is disabled if this flag is detected. (#2449)

  • pip uninstall now ignores the absence of a requirement and prints a warning. (#3016, #4642)

  • Improved the memory and disk efficiency of the HTTP cache. (#3515)

  • Support for packages specifying build dependencies in pyproject.toml (see PEP 518). Packages which specify one or more build dependencies this way will be built into wheels in an isolated environment with those dependencies installed. (#3691)

  • pip now supports environment variable expansion in requirement files using only ${VARIABLE} syntax on all platforms. (#3728)

  • Allowed combinations of -q and -v to act sanely. Then we don’t need warnings mentioned in the issue. (#4008)

  • Add --exclude-editable to pip freeze and pip list to exclude editable packages from installed package list. (#4015, #4016)

  • Improve the error message for the common pip install ./requirements.txt case. (#4127)

  • Add support for the new @ url syntax from PEP 508. (#4175)

  • Add setuptools version to the statistics sent to BigQuery. (#4209)

  • Report the line which caused the hash error when using requirement files. (#4227)

  • Add a pip config command for managing configuration files. (#4240)

  • Allow pip download to be used with a specific platform when --no-deps is set. (#4289)

  • Support build-numbers in wheel versions and support sorting with build-numbers. (#4299)

  • Change pip outdated to use PackageFinder in order to do the version lookup so that local mirrors in Environments that do not have Internet connections can be used as the Source of Truth for latest version. (#4336)

  • pip now retries on more HTTP status codes, for intermittent failures. Previously, it only retried on the standard 503. Now, it also retries on 500 (transient failures on AWS S3), 520 and 527 (transient failures on Cloudflare). (#4473)

  • pip now displays where it is looking for packages, if non-default locations are used. (#4483)

  • Display a message to run the right command for modifying pip on Windows (#4490)

  • Add Man Pages for pip (#4491)

  • Make uninstall command less verbose by default (#4493)

  • Switch the default upgrade strategy to be ‘only-if-needed’ (#4500)

  • Installing from a local directory or a VCS URL now builds a wheel to install, rather than running install. Wheels from these sources are not cached. (#4501)

  • Don’t log a warning when installing a dependency from Git if the name looks like a commit hash. (#4507)

  • pip now displays a warning when it installs scripts from a wheel outside the PATH. These warnings can be suppressed using a new --no-warn-script-location option. (#4553)

  • Local Packages can now be referenced using forward slashes on Windows. (#4563)

  • pip show learnt a new Required-by field that lists currently installed packages that depend on the shown package (#4564)

  • The command-line autocompletion engine pip show now autocompletes installed distribution names. (#4749)

  • Change documentation theme to be in line with Python Documentation (#4758)

  • Add auto completion of short options. (#4954)

  • Run ‘ develop’ inside pep518 build environment. (#4999)

  • pip install now prints an error message when it installs an incompatible version of a dependency. (#5000)

  • Added a way to distinguish between pip installed packages and those from the system package manager in ‘pip list’. Specifically, ‘pip list -v’ also shows the installer of package if it has that meta data. (#949)

  • Show install locations when list command ran with “-v” option. (#979)

Bug Fixes

  • Allow pip to work if the GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE environment variables are set. (#1130)

  • Make pip install --force-reinstall not require passing --upgrade. (#1139)

  • Return a failing exit status when pip install, pip download, or pip wheel is called with no requirements. (#2720)

  • Interactive files will no longer hang indefinitely. (#2732, #4982)

  • Correctly reset the terminal if an exception occurs while a progress bar is being shown. (#3015)

  • “Support URL-encoded characters in URL credentials.” (#3236)

  • Don’t assume sys.__stderr__.encoding exists (#3356)

  • Fix pip uninstall when easy-install.pth lacks a trailing newline. (#3741)

  • Keep install options in requirements.txt from leaking. (#3763)

  • pip no longer passes global options from one package to later packages in the same requirement file. (#3830)

  • Support installing from Git refs (#3876)

  • Use pkg_resources to parse the entry points file to allow names with colons. (#3901)

  • -q specified once correctly sets logging level to WARNING, instead of CRITICAL. Use -qqq to have the previous behavior back. (#3994)

  • Shell completion scripts now use correct executable names (e.g., pip3 instead of pip) (#3997)

  • Changed vendored encodings from utf8 to utf-8. (#4076)

  • Fixes destination directory of data_files when pip install --target is used. (#4092)

  • Limit the disabling of requests’ pyopenssl to Windows only. Fixes “SNIMissingWarning / InsecurePlatformWarning not fixable with pip 9.0 / 9.0.1” (for non-Windows) (#4098)

  • Support the installation of wheels with non-PEP 440 version in their filenames. (#4169)

  • Fall back to sys.getdefaultencoding() if locale.getpreferredencoding() returns None in pip.utils.encoding.auto_decode. (#4184)

  • Fix a bug where SETUPTOOLS_SHIM got called incorrectly for relative path requirements by converting relative paths to absolute paths prior to calling the shim. (#4208)

  • Return the latest version number in search results. (#4219)

  • Improve error message on permission errors (#4233)

  • Fail gracefully when /etc/image_version (or another distro version file) appears to exists but is not readable. (#4249)

  • Avoid importing setuptools in the parent pip process, to avoid a race condition when upgrading one of setuptools dependencies. (#4264)

  • Fix for an incorrect freeze warning message due to a package being included in multiple requirements files that were passed to freeze. Instead of warning incorrectly that the package is not installed, pip now warns that the package was declared multiple times and lists the name of each requirements file that contains the package in question. (#4293)

  • Generalize help text for compile/no-compile flags. (#4316)

  • Handle the case when /etc is not readable by the current user by using a hardcoded list of possible names of release files. (#4320)

  • Fixed a NameError when attempting to catch FileNotFoundError on Python 2.7. (#4322)

  • Ensure USER_SITE is correctly initialised. (#4437)

  • Reinstalling an editable package from Git no longer assumes that the master branch exists. (#4448)

  • This fixes an issue where when someone who tries to use git with pip but pip can’t because git is not in the path environment variable. This clarifies the error given to suggest to the user what might be wrong. (#4461)

  • Improve handling of text output from build tools (avoid Unicode errors) (#4486)

  • Fix a “No such file or directory” error when using --prefix. (#4495)

  • Allow commands to opt out of --require-venv. This allows pip help to work even when the environment variable PIP_REQUIRE_VIRTUALENV is set. (#4496)

  • Fix warning message on mismatched versions during installation. (#4655)

  • pip now records installed files in a deterministic manner improving reproducibility. (#4667)

  • Fix an issue where pip install -e on a Git url would fail to update if a branch or tag name is specified that happens to match the prefix of the current HEAD commit hash. (#4675)

  • Fix an issue where a variable assigned in a try clause was accessed in the except clause, resulting in an undefined variable error in the except clause. (#4811)

  • Use log level info instead of warning when ignoring packages due to environment markers. (#4876)

  • Replaced typo mistake in subversion support. (#4908)

  • Terminal size is now correctly inferred when using Python 3 on Windows. (#4966)

  • Abort if reading configuration causes encoding errors. (#4976)

  • Add a --no-user option and use it when installing build dependencies. (#5085)

Vendored Libraries

  • Upgraded appdirs to 1.4.3.

  • Upgraded CacheControl to 0.12.3.

  • Vendored certifi at 2017.7.27.1.

  • Vendored chardet at 3.0.4.

  • Upgraded colorama to 0.3.9.

  • Upgraded distlib to 0.2.6.

  • Upgraded distro to 1.2.0.

  • Vendored idna at idna==2.6.

  • Upgraded ipaddress to 1.0.18.

  • Vendored msgpack-python at 0.4.8.

  • Removed the vendored ordereddict.

  • Upgraded progress to 1.3.

  • Upgraded pyparsing to 2.2.0.

  • Upgraded pytoml to 0.1.14.

  • Upgraded requests to 2.18.4.

  • Upgraded pkg_resources (via setuptools) to 36.6.0.

  • Upgraded six to 1.11.0.

  • Vendored urllib3 at 1.22.

  • Upgraded webencodings to 0.5.1.

Improved Documentation

  • Added documentation on usage of --build command line option (#4262)

  • (#4358)

  • Document how to call pip from your code, including the fact that we do not provide a Python API. (#4743)

9.0.3 (2018-03-21)

  • Fix an error where the vendored requests was not correctly containing itself to only the internal vendored prefix.

  • Restore compatibility with 2.6.

9.0.2 (2018-03-16)

  • Fallback to using SecureTransport on macOS when the linked OpenSSL is too old to support TLSv1.2.

9.0.1 (2016-11-06)

  • Correct the deprecation message when not specifying a --format so that it uses the correct setting name (format) rather than the incorrect one (list_format). (#4058)

  • Fix pip check to check all available distributions and not just the local ones. (#4083)

  • Fix a crash on non ASCII characters from lsb_release. (#4062)

  • Fix an SyntaxError in an unused module of a vendored dependency. (#4059)

  • Fix UNC paths on Windows. (#4064)

9.0.0 (2016-11-02)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Remove the attempted autodetection of requirement names from URLs, URLs must include a name via #egg=.

  • DEPRECATION pip install --egg have been deprecated and will be removed in the future. This “feature” has a long list of drawbacks which break nearly all of pip’s other features in subtle and hard-to-diagnose ways.

  • DEPRECATION --default-vcs option. (#4052)

  • WARNING pip 9 cache can break forward compatibility with previous pip versions if your package repository allows chunked responses. (#4078)

  • Add an --upgrade-strategy option to pip install, to control how dependency upgrades are managed. (#3972)

  • Add a pip check command to check installed packages dependencies. (#3750)

  • Add option allowing user to abort pip operation if file/directory exists

  • Add Appveyor CI

  • Uninstall existing packages when performing an editable installation of the same packages. (#1548)

  • pip show is less verbose by default. --verbose prints multiline fields. (#3858)

  • Add optional column formatting to pip list. (#3651)

  • Add --not-required option to pip list, which lists packages that are not dependencies of other packages.

  • Fix builds on systems with symlinked /tmp directory for custom builds such as numpy. (#3701)

  • Fix regression in pip freeze: when there is more than one git remote, priority is given to the remote named origin. (#3708, #3616).

  • Fix crash when calling pip freeze with invalid requirement installed. (#3704, #3681)

  • Allow multiple --requirement files in pip freeze. (#3703)

  • Implementation of pep-503 data-requires-python. When this field is present for a release link, pip will ignore the download when installing to a Python version that doesn’t satisfy the requirement.

  • pip wheel now works on editable packages too (it was only working on editable dependencies before); this allows running pip wheel on the result of pip freeze in presence of editable requirements. (#3695, #3291)

  • Load credentials from .netrc files. (#3715, #3569)

  • Add --platform, --python-version, --implementation and --abi parameters to pip download. These allow utilities and advanced users to gather distributions for interpreters other than the one pip is being run on. (#3760)

  • Skip scanning virtual environments, even when venv/bin/python is a dangling symlink.

  • Added pip completion support for the fish shell.

  • Fix problems on Windows on Python 2 when username or hostname contains non-ASCII characters. (#3463, #3970, #4000)

  • Use git fetch --tags to fetch tags in addition to everything else that is normally fetched; this is necessary in case a git requirement url points to a tag or commit that is not on a branch. (#3791)

  • Normalize package names before using in pip show (#3976)

  • Raise when Requires-Python do not match the running version and add --ignore-requires-python option as escape hatch. (#3846)

  • Report the correct installed version when performing an upgrade in some corner cases. (#2382

  • Add -i shorthand for --index flag in pip search.

  • Do not optionally load C dependencies in requests. (#1840, #2930, #3024)

  • Strip authentication from SVN url prior to passing it to svn. (#3697, #3209)

  • Also install in platlib with --target option. (#3694, #3682)

  • Restore the ability to use inline comments in requirements files passed to pip freeze. (#3680)

8.1.2 (2016-05-10)

  • Fix a regression on systems with uninitialized locale. (#3575)

  • Use environment markers to filter packages before determining if a required wheel is supported. (#3254)

  • Make glibc parsing for manylinux1 support more robust for the variety of glibc versions found in the wild. (#3588)

  • Update environment marker support to fully support legacy and PEP 508 style environment markers. (#3624)

  • Always use debug logging to the --log file. (#3351)

  • Don’t attempt to wrap search results for extremely narrow terminal windows. (#3655)

8.1.1 (2016-03-17)

  • Fix regression with non-ascii requirement files on Python 2 and add support for encoding headers in requirement files. (#3548, #3547)

8.1.0 (2016-03-05)

  • Implement PEP 513, which adds support for the manylinux1 platform tag, allowing carefully compiled binary wheels to be installed on compatible Linux platforms.

  • Allow wheels which are not specific to a particular Python interpreter but which are specific to a particular platform. (#3202)

  • Fixed an issue where call_subprocess would crash trying to print debug data on child process failure. (#3521, #3522)

  • Exclude the wheel package from the pip freeze output (like pip and setuptools). (#2989)

  • Allow installing modules from a subdirectory of a vcs repository in non-editable mode. (#3217, #3466)

  • Make pip wheel and pip download work with vcs urls with subdirectory option. (#3466)

  • Show classifiers in pip show.

  • Show PEP376 Installer in pip show. (#3517)

  • Unhide completion command. (#1810)

  • Show latest version number in pip search results. (#1415)

  • Decode requirement files according to their BOM if present. (#3485, #2865)

  • Fix and deprecate package name detection from url path. (#3523, #3495)

  • Correct the behavior where interpreter specific tags (such as cp34) were being used on later versions of the same interpreter instead of only for that specific interpreter. (#3472)

  • Fix an issue where pip would erroneously install a 64 bit wheel on a 32 bit Python running on a 64 bit macOS machine.

  • Do not assume that all git repositories have an origin remote.

  • Correctly display the line to add to a requirements.txt for an URL based dependency when --require-hashes is enabled.

8.0.3 (2016-02-25)

  • Make install --quiet really quiet. (#3418)

  • Fix a bug when removing packages in python 3: disable INI-style parsing of the entry_point.txt file to allow entry point names with colons. (#3434)

  • Normalize generated script files path in RECORD files. (#3448)

  • Fix bug introduced in 8.0.0 where subcommand output was not shown, even when the user specified -v / --verbose. (#3486)

  • Enable python -W with respect to PipDeprecationWarning. (#3455)

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.2.2.

  • Improved support for Jython when quoting executables in output scripts. (#3467)

  • Add a --all option to pip freeze to include usually skipped package (like pip, setuptools and wheel) to the freeze output. (#1610)

8.0.2 (2016-01-21)

  • Stop attempting to trust the system CA trust store because it’s extremely common for them to be broken, often in incompatible ways. (#3416)

8.0.1 (2016-01-21)

  • Detect CAPaths in addition to CAFiles on platforms that provide them.

  • Installing argparse or wsgiref will no longer warn or error - pip will allow the installation even though it may be useless (since the installed thing will be shadowed by the standard library).

  • Upgrading a distutils installed item that is installed outside of a virtual environment, while inside of a virtual environment will no longer warn or error.

  • Fix a bug where pre-releases were showing up in pip list --outdated without the --pre flag.

  • Switch the SOABI emulation from using RuntimeWarnings to debug logging.

  • Rollback the removal of the ability to uninstall distutils installed items until a future date.

8.0.0 (2016-01-19)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Drop support for Python 3.2.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Remove the ability to find any files other than the ones directly linked from the index or find-links pages.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Remove the --download-cache which had been deprecated and no-op’d in 6.0.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Remove the --log-explicit-levels which had been deprecated in 6.0.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Change pip wheel --wheel-dir default path from <cwd>/wheelhouse to <cwd>.

  • Deprecate and no-op the --allow-external, --allow-all-external, and --allow-unverified functionality that was added as part of PEP 438. With changes made to the repository protocol made in PEP 470, these options are no longer functional.

  • Allow --trusted-host within a requirements file. (#2822)

  • Allow --process-dependency-links within a requirements file. (#1274)

  • Allow --pre within a requirements file. (#1273)

  • Allow repository URLs with secure transports to count as trusted. (E.g., “git+ssh” is okay.) (#2811)

  • Implement a top-level pip download command and deprecate pip install --download.

  • When uninstalling, look for the case of paths containing symlinked directories (#3141, #3154)

  • When installing, if building a wheel fails, clear up the build directory before falling back to a source install. (#3047)

  • Fix user directory expansion when HOME=/. Workaround for Python bug (#2996)

  • Correct reporting of requirements file line numbers. (#3009, #3125)

  • Fixed Exception(IOError) for pip freeze and pip list commands with subversion >= 1.7. (#1062, #3346)

  • Provide a spinner showing that progress is happening when installing or building a package via This will alleviate concerns that projects with unusually long build times have with pip appearing to stall.

  • Include the functionality of peep into pip, allowing hashes to be baked into a requirements file and ensuring that the packages being downloaded match one of those hashes. This is an additional, opt-in security measure that, when used, removes the need to trust the repository.

  • Fix a bug causing pip to not select a wheel compiled against an OSX SDK later than what Python itself was compiled against when running on a newer version of OSX.

  • Add a new --prefix option for pip install that supports wheels and sdists. (#3252)

  • Fixed issue regarding wheel building with using a different encoding than the system. (#2042)

  • Drop PasteScript specific egg_info hack. (#3270)

  • Allow combination of pip list options --editable with --outdated/--uptodate. (#933)

  • Gives VCS implementations control over saying whether a project is under their control. (#3258)

  • Git detection now works when is not at the Git repo root and when package_dir is used, so pip freeze works in more cases. (#3258)

  • Correctly freeze Git develop packages in presence of the &subdirectory option (#3258)

  • The detection of editable packages now relies on the presence of .egg-link instead of looking for a VCS, so pip list -e is more reliable. (#3258)

  • Add the --prefix flag to pip install which allows specifying a root prefix to use instead of sys.prefix. (#3252)

  • Allow duplicate specifications in the case that only the extras differ, and union all specified extras together. (#3198)

  • Fix the detection of the user’s current platform on OSX when determining the OSX SDK version. (#3232)

  • Prevent the automatically built wheels from mistakenly being used across multiple versions of Python when they may not be correctly configured for that by making the wheel specific to a specific version of Python and specific interpreter. (#3225)

  • Emulate the SOABI support in wheels from Python 2.x on Python 2.x as closely as we can with the information available within the interpreter. (#3075)

  • Don’t roundtrip to the network when git is pinned to a specific commit hash and that hash already exists locally. (#3066)

  • Prefer wheels built against a newer SDK to wheels built against an older SDK on OSX. (#3163)

  • Show entry points for projects installed via wheel. (#3122)

  • Improve message when an unexisting path is passed to --find-links option. (#2968)

  • pip freeze does not add the VCS branch/tag name in the #egg=… fragment anymore. (#3312)

  • Warn on installation of editable if the provided #egg=name part does not match the metadata produced by egg_info. (#3143)

  • Add support for .xz files for python versions supporting them (>= 3.3). (#722)

7.1.2 (2015-08-22)

  • Don’t raise an error if pip is not installed when checking for the latest pip version.

7.1.1 (2015-08-20)

  • Check that the wheel cache directory is writable before we attempt to write cached files to them.

  • Move the pip version check until after any installs have been performed, thus removing the extraneous warning when upgrading pip.

  • Added debug logging when using a cached wheel.

  • Respect platlib by default on platforms that have it separated from purelib.

  • Upgrade packaging to 15.3. - Normalize post-release spellings for rev/r prefixes.

  • Upgrade distlib to 0.2.1. - Updated launchers to decode shebangs using UTF-8. This allows non-ASCII pathnames to be correctly handled. - Ensured that the executable written to shebangs is normcased. - Changed ScriptMaker to work better under Jython.

  • Upgrade ipaddress to 1.0.13.

7.1.0 (2015-06-30)

  • Allow constraining versions globally without having to know exactly what will be installed by the pip command. (#2731)

  • Accept --no-binary and --only-binary via pip.conf. (#2867)

  • Allow --allow-all-external within a requirements file.

  • Fixed an issue where --user could not be used when --prefix was used in a distutils configuration file.

  • Fixed an issue where the SOABI tags were not correctly being generated on Python 3.5.

  • Fixed an issue where we were advising windows users to upgrade by directly executing pip, when that would always fail on Windows.

  • Allow ~ to be expanded within a cache directory in all situations.

7.0.3 (2015-06-01)

  • Fixed a regression where --no-cache-dir would raise an exception. (#2855)

7.0.2 (2015-06-01)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Revert the change (released in v7.0.0) that required quoting in requirements files around specifiers containing environment markers. (#2841)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Revert the accidental introduction of support for options interleaved with requirements, version specifiers etc in requirements files. (#2841)

  • Expand ~ in the cache directory when caching wheels. (#2816)

  • Use python -m pip instead of pip when recommending an upgrade command to Windows users.

7.0.1 (2015-05-22)

  • Don’t build and cache wheels for non-editable installations from VCSs.

  • Allow --allow-all-external inside of a requirements.txt file, fixing a regression in 7.0.

7.0.0 (2015-05-21)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the deprecated --mirror, --use-mirrors, and -M options.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the deprecated zip and unzip commands.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the deprecated --no-install and --no-download options.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE No longer implicitly support an insecure origin origin, and instead require insecure origins be explicitly trusted with the --trusted-host option.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the deprecated link scraping that attempted to parse HTML comments for a specially formatted comment.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Requirements in requirements files containing markers must now be quoted due to parser changes. For example, use "SomeProject; python_version < '2.7'", not simply SomeProject; python_version < '2.7' (#2697, #2725)

  • now installs the “wheel” package, when it’s not already installed. (#2800)

  • Ignores bz2 archives if Python wasn’t compiled with bz2 support. (#497)

  • Support --install-option and --global-option per requirement in requirement files. (#2537)

  • Build Wheels prior to installing from sdist, caching them in the pip cache directory to speed up subsequent installs. (#2618)

  • Allow fine grained control over the use of wheels and source builds. (#2699)

  • --no-use-wheel and --use-wheel are deprecated in favour of new options --no-binary and --only-binary. The equivalent of --no-use-wheel is --no-binary=:all:. (#2699)

  • The use of --install-option, --global-option or --build-option disable the use of wheels, and the autobuilding of wheels. (#2711, #2677)

  • Improve logging when a requirement marker doesn’t match your environment. (#2735)

  • Removed the temporary modifications (that began in pip v1.4 when distribute and setuptools merged) that allowed distribute to be considered a conflict to setuptools. pip install -U setuptools will no longer upgrade “distribute” to “setuptools”. Instead, use pip install -U distribute. (#2767)

  • Only display a warning to upgrade pip when the newest version is a final release and it is not a post release of the version we already have installed. (#2766)

  • Display a warning when attempting to access a repository that uses HTTPS when we don’t have Python compiled with SSL support. (#2761)

  • Allowing using extras when installing from a file path without requiring the use of an editable. (#2785)

  • Fix an infinite loop when the cache directory is stored on a file system which does not support hard links. (#2796)

  • Remove the implicit debug log that was written on every invocation, instead users will need to use --log if they wish to have one. (#2798)

6.1.1 (2015-04-07)

  • No longer ignore dependencies which have been added to the standard library, instead continue to install them.

6.1.0 (2015-04-07)

  • Fixes upgrades failing when no potential links were found for dependencies other than the current installation. (#2538, #2502)

  • Use a smoother progress bar when the terminal is capable of handling it, otherwise fallback to the original ASCII based progress bar.

  • Display much less output when pip install succeeds, because on success, users probably don’t care about all the nitty gritty details of compiling and installing. When pip install fails, display the failed install output once instead of twice, because once is enough. (#2487)

  • Upgrade the bundled copy of requests to 2.6.0, fixing CVE-2015-2296.

  • Display format of latest package when using pip list --outdated. (#2475)

  • Don’t use pywin32 as ctypes should always be available on Windows, using pywin32 prevented uninstallation of pywin32 on Windows. (PR #2467)

  • Normalize the --wheel-dir option, expanding out constructs such as ~ when used. (#2441)

  • Display a warning when an undefined extra has been requested. (#2142)

  • Speed up installing a directory in certain cases by creating a sdist instead of copying the entire directory. (#2535)

  • Don’t follow symlinks when uninstalling files (#2552)

  • Upgrade the bundled copy of cachecontrol from 0.11.1 to 0.11.2. (#2481, #2595)

  • Attempt to more smartly choose the order of installation to try and install dependencies before the projects that depend on them. (#2616)

  • Skip trying to install libraries which are part of the standard library. (#2636, #2602)

  • Support arch specific wheels that are not tied to a specific Python ABI. (#2561)

  • Output warnings and errors to stderr instead of stdout. (#2543)

  • Adjust the cache dir file checks to only check ownership if the effective user is root. (#2396)

  • Install headers into a per project name directory instead of all of them into the root directory when inside of a virtual environment. (#2421)

6.0.8 (2015-02-04)

  • Fix an issue where the --download flag would cause pip to no longer use randomized build directories.

  • Fix an issue where pip did not properly unquote quoted URLs which contain characters like PEP 440’s epoch separator (!).

  • Fix an issue where distutils installed projects were not actually uninstalled and deprecate attempting to uninstall them altogether.

  • Retry deleting directories in case a process like an antivirus is holding the directory open temporarily.

  • Fix an issue where pip would hide the cursor on Windows but would not reshow it.

6.0.7 (2015-01-28)

  • Fix a regression where Numpy requires a build path without symlinks to properly build.

  • Fix a broken log message when running pip wheel without a requirement.

  • Don’t mask network errors while downloading the file as a hash failure.

  • Properly create the state file for the pip version check so it only happens once a week.

  • Fix an issue where switching between Python 3 and Python 2 would evict cached items.

  • Fix a regression where pip would be unable to successfully uninstall a project without a normalized version.

6.0.6 (2015-01-03)

  • Continue the regression fix from 6.0.5 which was not a complete fix.

6.0.5 (2015-01-03)

  • Fix a regression with 6.0.4 under Windows where most commands would raise an exception due to Windows not having the os.geteuid() function.

6.0.4 (2015-01-03)

  • Fix an issue where ANSI escape codes would be used on Windows even though the Windows shell does not support them, causing odd characters to appear with the progress bar.

  • Fix an issue where using -v would cause an exception saying TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting.

  • Fix an issue where using -v with dependency links would cause an exception saying TypeError: 'InstallationCandidate' object is not iterable.

  • Fix an issue where upgrading distribute would cause an exception saying TypeError: expected string or buffer.

  • Show a warning and disable the use of the cache directory when the cache directory is not owned by the current user, commonly caused by using sudo without the -H flag.

  • Update PEP 440 support to handle the latest changes to PEP 440, particularly the changes to >V and <V so that they no longer imply !=V.*.

  • Document the default cache directories for each operating system.

  • Create the cache directory when the pip version check needs to save to it instead of silently logging an error.

  • Fix a regression where the -q flag would not properly suppress the display of the progress bars.

6.0.3 (2014-12-23)

  • Fix an issue where the implicit version check new in pip 6.0 could cause pip to block for up to 75 seconds if PyPI was not accessible.

  • Make --no-index imply --disable-pip-version-check.

6.0.2 (2014-12-23)

  • Fix an issue where the output saying that a package was installed would report the old version instead of the new version during an upgrade.

  • Fix left over merge conflict markers in the documentation.

  • Document the backwards incompatible PEP 440 change in the 6.0.0 changelog.

6.0.1 (2014-12-22)

  • Fix executable file permissions for Wheel files when using the distutils scripts option.

  • Fix a confusing error message when an exceptions was raised at certain points in pip’s execution.

  • Fix the missing list of versions when a version cannot be found that matches the specifiers.

  • Add a warning about the possibly problematic use of > when the given specifier doesn’t match anything.

  • Fix an issue where installing from a directory would not copy over certain directories which were being excluded, however some build systems rely on them.

6.0 (2014-12-22)

  • PROCESS Version numbers are now simply X.Y where the leading 1 has been dropped.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Dropped support for Python 3.1.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the bundle support which was deprecated in 1.4. (#1806)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE File lists generated by pip show -f are now rooted at the location reported by show, rather than one (unstated) directory lower. (#1933)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE The ability to install files over the FTP protocol was accidentally lost in pip 1.5 and it has now been decided to not restore that ability.

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE PEP 440 is now fully implemented, this means that in some cases versions will sort differently or version specifiers will be interpreted differently than previously. The common cases should all function similarly to before.

  • DEPRECATION pip install --download-cache and pip wheel --download-cache command line flags have been deprecated and the functionality removed. Since pip now automatically configures and uses it’s internal HTTP cache which supplants the --download-cache the existing options have been made non functional but will still be accepted until their removal in pip v8.0. For more information please see

  • DEPRECATION pip install --build and pip install --no-clean are now NOT deprecated. This reverses the deprecation that occurred in v1.5.3. (#906)

  • DEPRECATION Implicitly accessing URLs which point to an origin which is not a secure origin, instead requiring an opt-in for each host using the new --trusted-host flag (pip install --trusted-host foo).

  • Allow the new --trusted-host flag to also disable TLS verification for a particular hostname.

  • Added a --user flag to pip freeze and pip list to check the user site directory only.

  • Silence byte compile errors when installation succeed. (#1873)

  • Added a virtualenv-specific configuration file. (#1364)

  • Added site-wide configuration files. (1978)

  • Added an automatic check to warn if there is an updated version of pip available. (#2049)

  • wsgiref and argparse (for >py26) are now excluded from pip list and pip freeze. (#1606, #1369)

  • Add --client-cert option for SSL client certificates. (#1424)

  • pip show --files was broken for wheel installs. (#1635, #1484)

  • install_lib should take precedence when reading distutils config. (#1642, #1641)

  • Send Accept-Encoding: identity when downloading files in an attempt to convince some servers who double compress the downloaded file to stop doing so. (#1688)

  • Stop breaking when given pip commands in uppercase (#1559, #1725)

  • pip no longer adds duplicate logging consumers, so it won’t create duplicate output when being called multiple times. (#1618, #1723)

  • pip wheel now returns an error code if any wheels fail to build. (#1769)

  • pip wheel wasn’t building wheels for dependencies of editable requirements. (#1775)

  • Allow the use of --no-use-wheel within a requirements file. (#1859)

  • Attempt to locate system TLS certificates to use instead of the included CA Bundle if possible. (#1680, #1866)

  • Allow use of Zip64 extension in Wheels and other zip files. (#1319, #1868)

  • Properly handle an index or --find-links target which has a <base> without a href attribute. (#1101, #1869)

  • Properly handle extras when a project is installed via Wheel. (#1885, #1896)

  • Added support to respect proxies in pip search. (#1180, #932, #1104, #1902)

  • pip install --download works with vcs links. (#798, #1060, #1926)

  • Disabled warning about insecure index host when using localhost. Based off of Guy Rozendorn’s work in #1718. (#1456, #1967)

  • Allow the use of OS standard user configuration files instead of ones simply based around $HOME. (#2021)

  • When installing directly from wheel paths or urls, previous versions were not uninstalled. (#1825, #804, #1838)

  • Detect the location of the .egg-info directory by looking for any file located inside of it instead of relying on the record file listing a directory. (#2075, #2076)

  • Use a randomized and secure default build directory when possible. (#1964, #1935, #676, #2122, CVE-2014-8991)

  • Support environment markers in requirements.txt files. (#1433, #2134)

  • Automatically retry failed HTTP requests by default. (#1444, #2147)

  • Handle HTML Encoding better using a method that is more similar to how browsers handle it. (#1100, #1874)

  • Reduce the verbosity of the pip command by default. (#2175, #2177, #2178)

  • Fixed #2031 - Respect sys.executable on OSX when installing from Wheels.

  • Display the entire URL of the file that is being downloaded when downloading from a non PyPI repository. (#2183)

  • Support setuptools style environment markers in a source distribution. (#2153)

1.5.6 (2014-05-16)

  • Upgrade requests to 2.3.0 to fix an issue with proxies on Python 3.4.1. (#1821)

1.5.5 (2014-05-03)

  • Uninstall issues on debianized pypy, specifically issues with setuptools upgrades. (#1632, #1743)

  • Update documentation to point at for bootstrapping pip.

  • Update docs to point to

  • Upgrade the bundled projects (distlib==0.1.8, html5lib==1.0b3, six==1.6.1, colorama==0.3.1, setuptools==3.4.4).

1.5.4 (2014-02-21)

  • Correct deprecation warning for pip install --build to only notify when the --build value is different than the default.

1.5.3 (2014-02-20)

  • DEPRECATION pip install --build and pip install --no-clean are now deprecated. (#906)

  • Fixed being unable to download directly from wheel paths/urls, and when wheel downloads did occur using requirement specifiers, dependencies weren’t downloaded. (#1112, #1527)

  • pip wheel was not downloading wheels that already existed. (#1320, #1524)

  • pip install --download was failing using local --find-links. (#1111, #1524)

  • Workaround for Python bug (#1544)

  • Don’t pass a unicode __file__ to on Python 2.x. (#1583)

  • Verify that the Wheel version is compatible with this pip. (#1569)

1.5.2 (2014-01-26)

  • Upgraded the vendored pkg_resources and _markerlib to setuptools 2.1.

  • Fixed an error that prevented accessing PyPI when pyopenssl, ndg-httpsclient, and pyasn1 are installed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused trailing comments to be incorrectly included as part of the URL in a requirements file.

1.5.1 (2014-01-20)

  • pip now only requires setuptools (any setuptools, not a certain version) when installing distributions from src (i.e. not from wheel). (#1434)

  • now installs setuptools, when it’s not already installed. (#1475)

  • Don’t decode downloaded files that have a Content-Encoding header. (#1435)

  • Fix to correctly parse wheel filenames with single digit versions. (#1445)

  • If --allow-unverified is used assume it also means --allow-external. (#1457)

1.5 (2014-01-01)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE pip no longer supports the --use-mirrors, -M, and --mirrors flags. The mirroring support has been removed. In order to use a mirror specify it as the primary index with -i or --index-url, or as an additional index with --extra-index-url. (#1098, CVE-2013-5123)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE pip no longer will scrape insecure external urls by default nor will it install externally hosted files by default. Users may opt into installing externally hosted or insecure files or urls using --allow-external PROJECT and --allow-unverified PROJECT. (#1055)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE pip no longer respects dependency links by default. Users may opt into respecting them again using --process-dependency-links.

  • DEPRECATION pip install --no-install and pip install --no-download are now formally deprecated. See #906 for discussion on possible alternatives, or lack thereof, in future releases.

  • DEPRECATION pip zip and pip unzip are now formally deprecated.

  • pip will now install Mac OSX platform wheels from PyPI. (PR #1278)

  • pip now generates the appropriate platform-specific console scripts when installing wheels. (#1251)

  • pip now confirms a wheel is supported when installing directly from a path or url. (#1315)

  • --ignore-installed now behaves again as designed, after it was unintentionally broke in v0.8.3 when fixing #14. (#1097, #1352)

  • Fixed a bug where global scripts were being removed when uninstalling --user installed packages. (#1353)

  • --user wasn’t being respected when installing scripts from wheels. (#1163, #1176)

  • Assume ‘_’ means ‘-’ in versions from wheel filenames. (#1150, #1158)

  • Error when using --log with a failed install. (#219, #1205)

  • Fixed logging being buffered and choppy in Python 3. (#1131)

  • Don’t ignore --timeout. (#70, #1202)

  • Fixed an error when setting PIP_EXISTS_ACTION. (#772, #1201)

  • Added colors to the logging output in order to draw attention to important warnings and errors. (#1109)

  • Added warnings when using an insecure index, find-link, or dependency link. (#1121)

  • Added support for installing packages from a subdirectory using the subdirectory editable option. (#1082)

  • Fixed “TypeError: bad operand type for unary” in some cases when installing wheels using --find-links. (#1192, #1218)

  • Archive contents are now written based on system defaults and umask (i.e. permissions are not preserved), except that regular files with any execute permissions have the equivalent of “chmod +x” applied after being written. (#1133, #317, #1146)

  • PreviousBuildDirError now returns a non-zero exit code and prevents the previous build dir from being cleaned in all cases. (#1162)

  • Renamed --allow-insecure to --allow-unverified, however the old name will continue to work for a period of time. (#1257)

  • Fixed an error when installing local projects with symlinks in Python 3. (#1006, #1311)

  • The previously hidden --log-file option, is now shown as a general option. (#1316)

1.4.1 (2013-08-07)

  • New Signing Key Release 1.4.1 is using a different key than normal with fingerprint: 7C6B 7C5D 5E2B 6356 A926 F04F 6E3C BCE9 3372 DCFA

  • Fixed issues with installing from pybundle files. (#1116)

  • Fixed error when sysconfig module throws an exception. (#1095)

  • Don’t ignore already installed pre-releases. (#1076)

  • Fixes related to upgrading setuptools. (#1092)

  • Fixes so that --download works with wheel archives. (#1113)

  • Fixes related to recognizing and cleaning global build dirs. (#1080)

1.4 (2013-07-23)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE pip now only installs stable versions by default, and offers a new --pre option to also find pre-release and development versions. (#834)

  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Dropped support for Python 2.5. The minimum supported Python version for pip 1.4 is Python 2.6.

  • Added support for installing and building wheel archives. Thanks Daniel Holth, Marcus Smith, Paul Moore, and Michele Lacchia (#845)

  • Applied security patch to pip’s ssl support related to certificate DNS wildcard matching (

  • To satisfy pip’s setuptools requirement, pip now recommends setuptools>=0.8, not distribute. setuptools and distribute are now merged into one project called ‘setuptools’. (#1003)

  • pip will now warn when installing a file that is either hosted externally to the index or cannot be verified with a hash. In the future pip will default to not installing them and will require the flags --allow-external NAME, and --allow-insecure NAME respectively. (#985)

  • If an already-downloaded or cached file has a bad hash, re-download it rather than erroring out. (#963)

  • pip bundle and support for installing from pybundle files is now considered deprecated and will be removed in pip v1.5.

  • Fix a number of issues related to cleaning up and not reusing build directories. (#413, #709, #634, #602, #939, #865, #948)

  • Added a User Agent so that pip is identifiable in logs. (#901)

  • Added ssl and --user support to Thanks Gabriel de Perthuis. (#895)

  • Fixed the proxy support, which was broken in pip 1.3.x (#840)

  • Fixed pip failing when server does not send content-type header. Thanks Hugo Lopes Tavares and Kelsey Hightower. (#32, #872)

  • “Vendorized” distlib as pip.vendor.distlib (

  • Fixed git VCS backend with git 1.8.3. (#967)

1.3.1 (2013-03-08)

  • Fixed a major backward incompatible change of parsing URLs to externally hosted packages that got accidentally included in 1.3.

1.3 (2013-03-07)

  • SSL Cert Verification; Make https the default for PyPI access. Thanks James Cleveland, Giovanni Bajo, Marcus Smith and many others. (#791, CVE-2013-1629)

  • Added “pip list” for listing installed packages and the latest version available. Thanks Rafael Caricio, Miguel Araujo, Dmitry Gladkov. (#752)

  • Fixed security issues with pip’s use of temp build directories. Thanks David (d1b) and Thomas Guttler. (#780, CVE-2013-1888)

  • Improvements to sphinx docs and cli help. (#773)

  • Fixed an issue dealing with macOS temp dir handling, which was causing global NumPy installs to fail. (#707, #768)

  • Split help output into general vs command-specific option groups. Thanks Georgi Valkov. (#744, #721)

  • Fixed dependency resolution when installing from archives with uppercase project names. (#724)

  • Fixed problem where re-installs always occurred when using file:// find-links. (#683, #702)

  • “pip install -v” now shows the full download url, not just the archive name. Thanks Marc Abramowitz (#687)

  • Fix to prevent unnecessary PyPI redirects. Thanks Alex Gronholm (#695)

  • Fixed an install failure under Python 3 when the same version of a package is found under 2 different URLs. Thanks Paul Moore (#670, #671)

  • Fix git submodule recursive updates. Thanks Roey Berman. (#674)

  • Explicitly ignore rel=’download’ links while looking for html pages. Thanks Maxime R. (#677)

  • --user/--upgrade install options now work together. Thanks ‘eevee’ for discovering the problem. (#705)

  • Added check in install --download to prevent re-downloading if the target file already exists. Thanks Andrey Bulgakov. (#669)

  • Added support for bare paths (including relative paths) as argument to --find-links. Thanks Paul Moore for draft patch.

  • Added support for --no-index in requirements files.

  • Added “pip show” command to get information about an installed package. Thanks Kelsey Hightower and Rafael Caricio. (#131)

  • Added --root option for “pip install” to specify root directory. Behaves like the same option in distutils but also plays nice with pip’s egg-info. Thanks Przemek Wrzos. (#253, #693)

1.2.1 (2012-09-06)

  • Fixed a regression introduced in 1.2 about raising an exception when not finding any files to uninstall in the current environment. Thanks for the fix, Marcus Smith.

1.2 (2012-09-01)

  • Dropped support for Python 2.4 The minimum supported Python version is now Python 2.5.

  • Fixed PyPI mirror support being broken on some DNS responses. Thanks philwhin. (#605)

  • Fixed pip uninstall removing files it didn’t install. Thanks pjdelport. (#355)

  • Fixed a number of issues related to improving support for the user installation scheme. Thanks Marcus Smith. (#493, #494, #440, #573)

  • Write failure log to temp file if default location is not writable. Thanks andreigc.

  • Pull in submodules for git editable checkouts. Thanks Hsiaoming Yang and Markus Hametner. (#289, #421)

  • Use a temporary directory as the default build location outside of a virtualenv. Thanks Ben Rosser. (#339, #381)

  • Added support for specifying extras with local editables. Thanks Nick Stenning.

  • Added --egg flag to request egg-style rather than flat installation. Thanks Kamal Bin Mustafa. (#3)

  • Prevent e.g. gmpy2-2.0.tar.gz from matching a request to pip install gmpy; sdist filename must begin with full project name followed by a dash. Thanks casevh for the report. (#510)

  • Allow package URLS to have querystrings. Thanks W. Trevor King. (#504)

  • pip freeze now falls back to non-editable format rather than blowing up if it can’t determine the origin repository of an editable. Thanks Rory McCann. (#58)

  • Added a file to enable python -m pip on Python versions that support it. Thanks Alexey Luchko.

  • Fixed upgrading from VCS url of project that does exist on index. Thanks Andrew Knapp for the report. (#487)

  • Fix upgrade from VCS url of project with no distribution on index. Thanks Andrew Knapp for the report. (#486)

  • Add a clearer error message on a malformed VCS url. Thanks Thomas Fenzl. (#427)

  • Added support for using any of the built in guaranteed algorithms in hashlib as a checksum hash.

  • Raise an exception if current working directory can’t be found or accessed. (#321)

  • Removed special casing of the user directory and use the Python default instead. (#82)

  • Only warn about version conflicts if there is actually one. This re-enables using ==dev in requirements files. (#436)

  • Moved tests to be run on Travis CI:

  • Added a better help formatter.

1.1 (2012-02-16)

  • Don’t crash when a package’s emits UTF-8 and then fails. Thanks Marc Abramowitz. (#326)

  • Added --target option for installing directly to arbitrary directory. Thanks Stavros Korokithakis.

  • Added support for authentication with Subversion repositories. Thanks Qiangning Hong.

  • --download now downloads dependencies as well. Thanks Qiangning Hong. (#315)

  • Errors from subprocesses will display the current working directory. Thanks Antti Kaihola.

  • Fixed compatibility with Subversion 1.7. Thanks Qiangning Hong. Note that setuptools remains incompatible with Subversion 1.7; to get the benefits of pip’s support you must use Distribute rather than setuptools. (#369)

  • Ignore py2app-generated macOS mpkg zip files in finder. Thanks Rene Dudfield. (#57)

  • Log to ~/Library/Logs/ by default on macOS framework installs. Thanks Dan Callahan for report and patch. (#182)

  • Understand version tags without minor version (“py3”) in sdist filenames. Thanks Stuart Andrews for report and Olivier Girardot for patch. (#310)

  • pip now supports optionally installing setuptools “extras” dependencies; e.g. “pip install Paste[openid]”. Thanks Matt Maker and Olivier Girardot. (#7)

  • freeze no longer borks on requirements files with --index-url or --find-links. Thanks Herbert Pfennig. (#391)

  • Handle symlinks properly. Thanks lebedov for the patch. (#288)

  • pip install -U no longer reinstalls the same versions of packages. Thanks iguananaut for the pull request. (#49)

  • Removed -E/--environment option and PIP_RESPECT_VIRTUALENV; both use a restart-in-venv mechanism that’s broken, and neither one is useful since every virtualenv now has pip inside it. Replace pip -E path/to/venv install Foo with virtualenv path/to/venv && path/to/venv/pip install Foo.

  • Fixed pip throwing an IndexError when it calls scraped_rel_links. (#366)

  • pip search should set and return a useful shell status code. (#22)

  • Added global --exists-action command line option to easier script file exists conflicts, e.g. from editable requirements from VCS that have a changed repo URL. (#351, #365)

1.0.2 (2011-07-16)

  • Fixed docs issues.

  • Reinstall a package when using the install -I option. (#295)

  • Finds a Git tag pointing to same commit as origin/master. (#283)

  • Use absolute path for path to docs in (#279)

  • Correctly handle exceptions on Python3. (#314)

  • Correctly parse --editable lines in requirements files. (#320)

1.0.1 (2011-04-30)

  • Start to use git-flow.

  • find_command should not raise AttributeError. (#274)

  • Respect Content-Disposition header. Thanks Bradley Ayers. (#273)

  • pathext handling on Windows. (#233)

  • svn+svn protocol. (#252)

  • multiple CLI searches. (#44)

  • Current working directory when running clean. (#266)

1.0 (2011-04-04)

  • Added Python 3 support! Huge thanks to Vinay Sajip, Vitaly Babiy, Kelsey Hightower, and Alex Gronholm, among others.

  • Download progress only shown on a real TTY. Thanks Alex Morega.

  • Fixed finding of VCS binaries to not be fooled by same-named directories. Thanks Alex Morega.

  • Fixed uninstall of packages from system Python for users of Debian/Ubuntu python-setuptools package (workaround until fixed in Debian and Ubuntu).

  • Added installer. Simply download and execute it, using the Python interpreter of your choice:

    $ curl -O
    $ python

    This may have to be run as root.


    Make sure you have distribute installed before using the installer!


  • Moved main repository to GitHub:

  • Transferred primary maintenance from Ian to Jannis Leidel, Carl Meyer, Brian Rosner

  • Fixed no uninstall-on-upgrade with URL package. Thanks Oliver Tonnhofer. (#14)

  • Fixed egg name not properly resolving. Thanks Igor Sobreira. (#163)

  • Fixed Non-alphabetical installation of requirements. Thanks Igor Sobreira. (#178)

  • Fixed documentation mentions --index instead of --index-url. Thanks Kelsey Hightower (#199)

  • rmtree undefined in Thanks Kelsey Hightower. (#204)

  • Fixed bug in Git vcs backend that would break during reinstallation.

  • Fixed bug in Mercurial vcs backend related to pip freeze and branch/tag resolution.

  • Fixed bug in version string parsing related to the suffix “-dev”.


  • Avoid redundant unpacking of bundles (from pwaller)

  • Fixed checking out the correct tag/branch/commit when updating an editable Git requirement. (#32, #150, #161)

  • Added ability to install version control requirements without making them editable, e.g.:

    pip install git+


  • Correctly locate build and source directory on macOS. (#175)

  • Added git+https:// scheme to Git VCS backend.


  • Added global --user flag as shortcut for --install-option=”--user”. From Ronny Pfannschmidt.

  • Added support for PyPI mirrors as defined in PEP 381, from Jannis Leidel.

  • Fixed git revisions being ignored. Thanks John-Scott Atlakson. (#138)

  • Fixed initial editable install of github package from a tag failing. Thanks John-Scott Atlakson. (#95)

  • Fixed installing if a directory in cwd has the same name as the package you’re installing. (#107)

  • --install-option=”--prefix=~/.local” ignored with -e. Thanks Ronny Pfannschmidt and Wil Tan. (#39)


  • Track which build/ directories pip creates, never remove directories it doesn’t create. From Hugo Lopes Tavares.

  • pip now accepts file:// index URLs. Thanks Dave Abrahams.

  • Various cleanup to make test-running more consistent and less fragile. Thanks Dave Abrahams.

  • Real Windows support (with passing tests). Thanks Dave Abrahams.

  • pip-2.7 etc. scripts are created (Python-version specific scripts)

  • contrib/build-standalone script creates a runnable .zip form of pip, from Jannis Leidel

  • Editable git repos are updated when reinstalled

  • Fix problem with --editable when multiple .egg-info/ directories are found.

  • A number of VCS-related fixes for pip freeze, from Hugo Lopes Tavares.

  • Significant test framework changes, from Hugo Lopes Tavares.


  • Set zip_safe=False to avoid problems some people are encountering where pip is installed as a zip file.


  • Fixed opening of logfile with no directory name. Thanks Alexandre Conrad.

  • Temporary files are consistently cleaned up, especially after installing bundles, also from Alex Conrad.

  • Tests now require at least ScriptTest 1.0.3.


  • Fixed uninstallation on Windows

  • Added pip search command.

  • Tab-complete names of installed distributions for pip uninstall.

  • Support tab-completion when there is a global-option before the subcommand.

  • Install header files in standard (scheme-default) location when installing outside a virtualenv. Install them to a slightly more consistent non-standard location inside a virtualenv (since the standard location is a non-writable symlink to the global location).

  • pip now logs to a central location by default (instead of creating pip-log.txt all over the place) and constantly overwrites the file in question. On Unix and macOS this is '$HOME/.pip/pip.log' and on Windows it’s '%HOME%\\pip\\pip.log'. You are still able to override this location with the $PIP_LOG_FILE environment variable. For a complete (appended) logfile use the separate '--log' command line option.

  • Fixed an issue with Git that left an editable package as a checkout of a remote branch, even if the default behaviour would have been fine, too.

  • Fixed installing from a Git tag with older versions of Git.

  • Expand “~” in logfile and download cache paths.

  • Speed up installing from Mercurial repositories by cloning without updating the working copy multiple times.

  • Fixed installing directly from directories (e.g. pip install path/to/dir/).

  • Fixed installing editable packages with svn+ssh URLs.

  • Don’t print unwanted debug information when running the freeze command.

  • Create log file directory automatically. Thanks Alexandre Conrad.

  • Make test suite easier to run successfully. Thanks Dave Abrahams.

  • Fixed “pip install .” and “pip install ..”; better error for directory without Thanks Alexandre Conrad.

  • Support Debian/Ubuntu “dist-packages” in zip command. Thanks duckx.

  • Fix relative --src folder. Thanks Simon Cross.

  • Handle missing VCS with an error message. Thanks Alexandre Conrad.

  • Added --no-download option to install; pairs with --no-install to separate download and installation into two steps. Thanks Simon Cross.

  • Fix uninstalling from requirements file containing -f, -i, or --extra-index-url.

  • Leftover build directories are now removed. Thanks Alexandre Conrad.


  • Fixed import error on Windows with regard to the backwards compatibility package


  • Fixed uninstall when /tmp is on a different filesystem.

  • Fixed uninstallation of distributions with namespace packages.


  • Added support for the https and http-static schemes to the Mercurial and ftp scheme to the Bazaar backend.

  • Fixed uninstallation of scripts installed with easy_install.

  • Fixed an issue in the package finder that could result in an infinite loop while looking for links.

  • Fixed issue with pip bundle and local files (which weren’t being copied into the bundle), from Whit Morriss.


  • Add pip uninstall and uninstall-before upgrade (from Carl Meyer).

  • Extended configurability with config files and environment variables.

  • Allow packages to be upgraded, e.g., pip install Package==0.1 then pip install Package==0.2.

  • Allow installing/upgrading to Package==dev (fix “Source version does not match target version” errors).

  • Added command and option completion for bash and zsh.

  • Extended integration with virtualenv by providing an option to automatically use an active virtualenv and an option to warn if no active virtualenv is found.

  • Fixed a bug with pip install --download and editable packages, where directories were being set with 0000 permissions, now defaults to 755.

  • Fixed uninstallation of easy_installed console_scripts.

  • Fixed uninstallation on macOS Framework layout installs

  • Fixed bug preventing uninstall of editables with source outside venv.

  • Creates download cache directory if not existing.


  • Fixed a couple little bugs, with git and with extensions.


  • Added ability to override the default log file name (pip-log.txt) with the environmental variable $PIP_LOG_FILE.

  • Made the freeze command print installed packages to stdout instead of writing them to a file. Use simple redirection (e.g. pip freeze > stable-req.txt) to get a file with requirements.

  • Fixed problem with freezing editable packages from a Git repository.

  • Added support for base URLs using <base href='...'> when parsing HTML pages.

  • Fixed installing of non-editable packages from version control systems.

  • Fixed issue with Bazaar’s bzr+ssh scheme.

  • Added --download-dir option to the install command to retrieve package archives. If given an editable package it will create an archive of it.

  • Added ability to pass local file and directory paths to --find-links, e.g. --find-links=file:///path/to/my/private/archive

  • Reduced the amount of console log messages when fetching a page to find a distribution was problematic. The full messages can be found in pip-log.txt.

  • Added --no-deps option to install ignore package dependencies

  • Added --no-index option to ignore the package index (PyPI) temporarily

  • Fixed installing editable packages from Git branches.

  • Fixes freezing of editable packages from Mercurial repositories.

  • Fixed handling read-only attributes of build files, e.g. of Subversion and Bazaar on Windows.

  • When downloading a file from a redirect, use the redirected location’s extension to guess the compression (happens specifically when redirecting to a tip.gz file).

  • Editable freeze URLs now always use revision hash/id rather than tip or branch names which could move.

  • Fixed comparison of repo URLs so incidental differences such as presence/absence of final slashes or quoted/unquoted special characters don’t trigger “ignore/switch/wipe/backup” choice.

  • Fixed handling of attempt to checkout editable install to a non-empty, non-repo directory.


  • Make -e work better with local hg repositories

  • Construct PyPI URLs the exact way easy_install constructs URLs (you might notice this if you use a custom index that is slash-sensitive).

  • Improvements on Windows (from Ionel Maries Cristian).

  • Fixed problem with not being able to install private git repositories.

  • Make pip zip zip all its arguments, not just the first.

  • Fix some filename issues on Windows.

  • Allow the -i and --extra-index-url options in requirements files.

  • Fix the way bundle components are unpacked and moved around, to make bundles work.

  • Adds -s option to allow the access to the global site-packages if a virtualenv is to be created.

  • Fixed support for Subversion 1.6.


  • Improved virtualenv restart and various path/cleanup problems on win32.

  • Fixed a regression with installing from svn repositories (when not using -e).

  • Fixes when installing editable packages that put their source in a subdirectory (like src/).

  • Improve pip -h


  • Added support for editable packages created from Git, Mercurial and Bazaar repositories and ability to freeze them. Refactored support for version control systems.

  • Do not use sys.exit() from inside the code, instead use a return. This will make it easier to invoke programmatically.

  • Put the install record in Package.egg-info/installed-files.txt (previously they went in site-packages/install-record-Package.txt).

  • Fix a problem with pip freeze not including -e svn+ when an svn structure is peculiar.

  • Allow pip -E to work with a virtualenv that uses a different version of Python than the parent environment.

  • Fixed Win32 virtualenv (-E) option.

  • Search the links passed in with -f for packages.

  • Detect zip files, even when the file doesn’t have a .zip extension and it is served with the wrong Content-Type.

  • Installing editable from existing source now works, like pip install -e some/path/ will install the package in some/path/. Most importantly, anything that package requires will also be installed by pip.

  • Add a --path option to pip un/zip, so you can avoid zipping files that are outside of where you expect.

  • Add --simulate option to pip zip.


  • Fixed small problem that prevented using without actually installing pip.

  • Fixed --upgrade, which would download and appear to install upgraded packages, but actually just reinstall the existing package.

  • Fixed Windows problem with putting the install record in the right place, and generating the pip script with Setuptools.

  • Download links that include embedded spaces or other unsafe characters (those characters get %-encoded).

  • Fixed use of URLs in requirement files, and problems with some blank lines.

  • Turn some tar file errors into warnings.


  • Renamed to pip, and to install you now do pip install PACKAGE

  • Added command pip zip PACKAGE and pip unzip PACKAGE. This is particularly intended for Google App Engine to manage libraries to stay under the 1000-file limit.

  • Some fixes to bundles, especially editable packages and when creating a bundle using unnamed packages (like just an svn repository without #egg=Package).


  • Added an option --install-option to pass options to pass arguments to install

  • .svn/ directories are no longer included in bundles, as these directories are specific to a version of svn -- if you build a bundle on a system with svn 1.5, you can’t use the checkout on a system with svn 1.4. Instead a file svn-checkout.txt is included that notes the original location and revision, and the command you can use to turn it back into an svn checkout. (Probably unpacking the bundle should, maybe optionally, recreate this information -- but that is not currently implemented, and it would require network access.)

  • Avoid ambiguities over project name case, where for instance MyPackage and mypackage would be considered different packages. This in particular caused problems on Macs, where MyPackage/ and mypackage/ are the same directory.

  • Added support for an environmental variable $PIP_DOWNLOAD_CACHE which will cache package downloads, so future installations won’t require large downloads. Network access is still required, but just some downloads will be avoided when using this.


  • Always use svn checkout (not export) so that tag_svn_revision settings give the revision of the package.

  • Don’t update checkouts that came from .pybundle files.


  • Improve error text when there are errors fetching HTML pages when seeking packages.

  • Improve bundles: include empty directories, make them work with editable packages.

  • If you use -E env and the environment env/ doesn’t exist, a new virtual environment will be created.

  • Fix dependency_links for finding packages.


  • Fixed a NameError exception when running pip outside of a virtualenv environment.

  • Added HTTP proxy support (from Prabhu Ramachandran)

  • Fixed use of hashlib.md5 on python2.5+ (also from Prabhu Ramachandran)


  • Initial release